Hampta Pass trek is one of the unique treks in the Himachali territory. It gives the most negating scenes that offer a certifiable stun to the framework. When arriving at the highest point of Hampta Pass, you’re invited on to an opening of an alternate universe – traverse from the recognizable perspectives on the lavish green Himalayan mammoths, one arrives at the highest point of the Hampta Pass from Manali side and encounters the view on the opposite side – the in-your-face betrayed scene of Lahaul and Spiti Valley!

The sheer show is fascinating and it will take you a hot second to interpret what simply occurred! This emotional changes in landscape are on the grounds that the Hampta valley is a limited one. It is nearly channel prefer and it remains as such until the part of the bargain at Chatru. This implies all the precipitation gets caught in the crevasse like a valley, which makes it’s environment rich.

A little leave Jobra campground.
Presently, we have the pass crossing, which is a cherry over the cake. This trail moves to the go out of rich green valleys of Kullu to an opposite shade, high in the mountains. This shade you remain on is the Hampta Pass. It fills in as an overhanging view to an alternate world underneath: the deserts of Lahaul. From the pass, you see the Lahaul valley and encompassing mountains in one wide all-encompassing range. This is one of the most mind-boggling turns in scenes you will see!

In any case, these unbelievably emotional scenes on this trek must be earned. The trek is of moderate trouble and the pass crossing day is long and tiring!

What to watch out for

Shea Goru is the widely adored campground. This is a result of the high differentiate in it’s setting. It is a desert garden a fix of greenery in forlorn settings of the Lahaul valley. A peaceful stream bends its direction the campground, greening the desert. You may even discover wildflowers developing along the waterway! With such flawless settings, it is no big surprise that our trekkers and staff are most partial to this camp. Note of alert, this additionally happens to be perhaps the coldest campground. Layer yourself well for the evening!

The Pass Crossing

What beats away the fatigue of the pass climb is the adrenaline of the setting. Threatening bluff like pinnacles encompass this limited valley. Contingent upon the season, your trip will either be on day off free moraine. There are numerous bogus edges that bait you into speculation you have arrived at the pass! In the end, you arrive at the level from which you can wonder about the magnificence of the area. Before you is Indrasen and Deo Tibba. The deserts of Lahaul is a sharp dip under. This is the Hampta Pass. From the pass, you head towards your left and start plummet on a crisscross trail to your next campground. Contingent upon the season, the drop is dangerous soil or shakes. It is merciless on your knees! Plan well for the pass-crossing day.

Chandrataal, if open

You may have known about the popular Pangong lake in Ladakh. We state the Chandrataal lake is similarly shocking! It probably won’t be as large as Pangong may be. Nonetheless, it has the energetic shades of the lake, the desert mountain settings and everything else. This, with a special reward of a specific feeling of segregation that a popularized Pangong lake never again has. The outing to Chandrataal is, be that as it may, reliant on whether the ways to the lake are open or not. Early in the season, all things considered, the ways to Chandrataal are hindered by a day off.

The drive to Jobra

The drive from Manali to Jobra is very pleasant. The street moves from behind Manali, and goes up to 9,800 ft from the town’s 6726 ft! As the street twists through 42 fastener go to go up the slope, you see the Manali getting littler and littler. A little village in the all-encompassing Kullu valley. The Rani Nallah, which you will trek close by till it vanishes under the snow of Hampta Pass, begins going with you from here.


Weather at Hampta Pass

Summer or Monsoon season being the most preferred time for the trek, you will get to experience the fairy-tale of Himalayan weather. During the beginning of the season, you will hopefully experience snow around the region.

Snow starts melting around July, however, you should expect rain on the Manali side from the middle of July. Spiti Valley doesn’t experience monsoons as we know and you will get to experience bright sunshine (and metaphorical rainbows, unicorns, butterflies) in this period!

The maximum temperature at Hampta Pass trek remains in the range of 12 deg C to 20 deg C while the minimum temperature is from -6 deg C to 4 deg C.


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