How to Set-Up QuickBooks Online?

How to Set-Up QuickBooks Online

To manage the financial aspects of your business, it is important to discover accounting software that suits your business needs. QuickBooks is considered as reliable accounting software after many kinds of research in the market, and that completes your accounting requirements of small and mid-sized businesses. In this blog, we gonna discuss the QuickBooks Software’s version i.e. QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based financial management software which supports you in calculating automatic tax, creates custom invoices, and captures mobile receipt. Now, you have to learn the process of How to Set-Up QuickBooks Online, to avail of the benefits of QB features. And moreover, in maintaining your records and helps in enhancing your business productivity, the QuickBooksOnline set-up process helps you to spend less time. And you can also go through the QuickBooks Support.

Now, to complete the QuickBooks set-up process, you don’t need to have an accounting background. You just have to go through with some easy steps. Then, you will be able to carry day to day business financial activities after implementing those steps and then, you can easily run your business without any accounting hassles.

Steps of How to Set-Up QuickBooks Online

Enter your Company’s info

  • Firstly, you have to add company information into QuickBooks, before setting up QuickBooks Online.
  • Choose the account setting by clicking on the gear icon, then press on the Company option.
  • It is required to fill all your company information like the name of your business, email address, website, and phone number.
  • In the company Type category, make sure to add your tax-related details. Choose the type of tax form you will be filling and also include your SSN or EIN.

Pick an Accounting Method

  • Select the accounts, and settings followed by accounting by click on the gear icon.
  • You will see the first month of the fiscal year option on your PC, in case, you have previously navigated to the accounting screen.

Choose the Logo for your Company

  • You have to add your Company logo in QuickBooks Account.
  • Then select the option company by clicking on the gear icon.
  • After that, check that your logo is correctly formatted.

Setup Payment Terms

  • Now here you can set default payment terms.
  • Click on account and settings, then sales by clicking on the gear icon. At last, click sales form content.
  • Finally, select either due on receipt or a definite number of days following receipt.

5. Customize Invoices and Payment Processing

  • Now you have to set up the QuickBooks Online and with this, you can also create your first invoice.
  • You can send your first invoice to a customer if you desired to do that.

After setting up QuickBooks Online, you can avail of the benefits of QuickBooks Online accounting software. You can also easily access different and interesting features, once setting up QB Online.

Features of QuickBooks Online

There are some QuickBooks Online features that will assist you in focusing on attention-demanding responsibilities of small as well as mid-sized businesses:

  • Control Cash Flow

To manage your cash flow correctly, the accounting software has the capability and you don’t have to use your online bank balance. You just simply have to add your financial transactions regularly. You would be able to handle your cash flow in this way.

  • Invoice Customer

In QuickBooks, the user can easily create and send their invoices. Also, provide assistance to decrease your accounts receivable and increase your cash flow.

  • Manage Employee Time

With the help of this feature, employee productivity in QuickBooks can be measured. In this, to add employee’s activities, a weekly timesheet has to maintain.

  • Customized Chart of Accounts

The complete list of the company’s balance and accounts is shown by Chart of Accounts. You can now view the company’s assets, income, liabilities, expenses, and income. And you should be aware of the money that the company has, the inflow and outflow of money.

  • Memorized Transaction

The Memorized Transaction feature includes invoice creation, creating bills, journal entries. And also, automatically adds transactions that should be added regularly.

  • Mail invoices and statements

By emailing, all your statements can set up and invoices in QuickBooks and this will reduce the amount of time.

After setting up QuickBooks Online, you can avail of these business accounting features. And moreover, you can take instantly take better business decisions.

Advantages of QuickBooks Online

Let’s find out the benefits of using QuickBooks Online.

  • It helps you in creating a backup of your existing file automatically.
  • It makes a simple and hassle-free process of inventory tracking.
  • Check the reports from anywhere.
  • For sending statements and invoices automatically to the clients, there is a given option for this.
  • It is quite easy to use.
  • The software safeguards the finances and protects them from unauthorized access and that can affect your business efficiency.

If you are using cloud-based accounting software to handle the finance of customers and suppliers, you can easily avail of these advantages.


I hope you guys got clearance of How to Setup QuickBooks Online on your computer screen smoothly. Here is the small summary of this blog i.e. what is QuickBooks Online, steps of QuickBooks setup, the features, and advantages are given you the essential knowledge about the software. If you have any doubts or queries or any assistance you want, you can directly call on QuickBooks Phone Number.


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