Various Uses Of Laminar Flow Hoods

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood

Laminar flow hoods basically provide a filtered airflow throughout the work area and prevent the entire sample from getting contaminated. These laminar flow hoods are suitable for quite a many applications where clean air and sterile environment has to be maintained. Many laboratories and other workplaces require such kind of a clean environment.

These laminar flow hoods are available in two main configurations which are vertical and horizontal laminar flow hoods. In case of the vertical flow hoods the clean filtered air moves from down to up of the filter surface whereas in case of horizontal airflow the air moves from behind the work surface to the operator. The flow of direction depends on the type of process, safety of the operator and clearance requirements.  There are a variety of laminar flow workstations that are offered like vertical, horizontal, benchtop , free-standing and the ones with the portable design that can help to meet the cleanliness requirements. There are however different kinds of laminar flows other than the horizontal laminar flow hoods.

  1. Vertical laminar flow hoods

These are also known as recirculating clean bench. They possess a re-circulation plenum from 3ft-8ft of length. The back plenum helps to reduce the percentage of the dirty air that is passed through the filter. Moreover it is available without worksurface and has an open frame base that is adjustable to any kind of workable. ESD control options are also available like an ionizing bar and static dissipative material.

  • Vertical laminar flow stations

It is surely an economical solution for many applications. It is basically a clean bench that contains a vertical airflow, a seamless worksurface and polypropylene construction. Its approximate width is 3ft- 4ft. It also possesses an optional mobile base, UV germicidal light, HEPA/ ULPA filter, static dissipative sash and side windows.

  • Vertical laminar flow hoods- portable clean bench

This has a small and lightweight design that helps to save maximum space. It is also available in 24’’ and 32’’ width and in different kinds of materials that are clear dissipative PVC, clear non- dissipative PVC and white polypropylene. Moreover it provides HEPA filtered positive pressured clean area for medical laboratory work, manufacturing and other data recovery applications.

  • Horizontal laminar flow hoods clean bench

A horizontal laminar flow hood contains a rear wall filtration system that has been constructed from seamless polypropylene. The air is blown directly towards the operator and hands and gloves are also less contaminated with the samples. It is the best choice for applications that require an environment for IV preparation, non biological tissue culturing, electronic assembly and non hazardous drug compounding.

  • Horizontal laminar flow hood free standing

The construction of horizontal laminar flow hood free standing is available in powder-coated steel and also in stainless steel. It is available in two different dimensions that is 3ft-8ft length and can be used without a work surface. The worktable can also be placed inside the hood.

  • Vertical laminar airflow storage cabinets

Laminar flow storage cabinet is available with removable perforated shelf and it provides a positive pressurized clean environment for storing the medical, pharmaceutical material, food, and other products. These are available in two and four feet cleanroom compatible constructions.

Laminar flow hoods and clean benches are very beneficial and attractive and give the workplace an eye catchy look but these are not suitable in case of bio-hazards. In case the application involves any kind of bio-hazard then these should not be bought. The laminar flow cabinets help to create a clean air environment that is required for laboratory and pharmaceutical procedures. These procedures are ideal for the medical, food and industrial sectors. These are essential for sterile manipulations, electronics and for the assembly of other mechanical applications where there is a chance of the product getting damages due to airborne contaminations. Since air cannot surpass through this, there is no chance of dirt or dust accumulation on the appliances when kept in these laminar flows. The product can be bought online and it is suitable for all the workplaces. It provides a clean environment as the HEPA filter in it doesn’t allow any airborne contamination to the product. It is clearly the best protector of such appliances but it doesn’t protects any bio-hazards.

Best laminar flow hoods The laminar flow hoods have an efficacy of 99.99% in clearing the air-borne contaminations. The inbuilt HEPA/ULPA filter system doesn’t allow the dirt/dust to enter and thus the product can be easily saved. This system is generally helpful in cases where there is a need to remove the particulate airborne contamination in order to meet the cleanliness requirements. Hence it serves a great deal.


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