Germany And Its Surreal Places

Germany is a place where everyone gets something from art, history, adventure, nature, architecture, etc. Apart from the usual sightseeing, the place offers some new experiences for the much-explored version of the country. So the next time you plan your travel to Germany. Try to book Cheap Allegiant Air Flights to reach here at very affordable rates. And make sure you check out some beautiful places that will be real for you and we thought that books and imaginations are present.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The place just looks like colorful pastries that you cannot eat. Each corner of the city reflects traditional architectural designs. There is definitely a chance for you to feel as weird as wearing 21st-century clothes in era and medieval settings. The place makes you feel as if it has come alive from our old storybooks.

Black Forest

For those who are experiencing the real atmosphere and the outermost thing, Germany has to offer, try to get lost in the black forest. The place is home to mysticism, which has many classical stories to present. The best seasons for trekking in the area are summer, spring, and autumn.

Neuschwanstein Castle

How can one forget to include the castle that inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Palace? In 1886 a place was made for King Ludwig II to get away from public life and experience some peace. But soon after his death, the place was opened to the public and a large number of people visit the palace every year.

Saar Loop

The place is surrounded by forests which seem completely unrealistic. Sir Loop is the perfect example to bring some excellent calendar shots to reality.

Herrenhäuser Allee

The place is located in George Gardens, a straight line of about 2 km that runs from King Platz to the Library Pavilion in Biergarten. This picturesque four-line avenue of Lime Trace is the best place to remember photos from your calendar.

Vineyards near Heilbronn

Wine certainly does not come to your mind when thinking about Germany, think and think again because the land of Octoberfest has some extraordinary collections of vineyards and most of the real people are present in Heilbron.


The place looks like an artistic piece of hunting and is the only reason to draw attention to its place. For those of you who have seen the film Hannah, this park will look like the climax shot here. While going to Germany, you must visit that place.

Lichtenstein Castle

This place is the perfect place for medieval armor and weapon lovers. Although this museum is not so popular, it looks like a palace-like place from the medieval period, which was near the Duke of Urus.


The name of the cliff, meaning — the stuttering cliff — comes from the landscape when heavy currents collide with the cliff and the nearby waterfall makes a murmuring sound together. It was previously believed that the sound of the rock is due to some dwarves living inside the rock and causing the sound.


The place is located a few miles south of the city of Berkestegden and is the cleanest and deepest lake in Germany. The lake is situated around a picturesque setting of sharp rock walls making an echo so attractive that you can finally get weird. While traveling on a boat, it has become a custom to stop and play the trumpet or shout to display the echo. Earlier performed after shooting a canyon, the sound resonated seven times.

Hohenzollern Castle

The place is located at an altitude of 234 m (768 ft) in the Burg Hohenolorn, in the foothills of the Swabian Alps in central Baden-Würburg, above the cities of Hettinger and Biesenning. The palace inspires you to think as if it came to live by your fairy tales and fantasies.

Cologne Cathedral

The cathedral is simply a beautiful structure that you can admire well without blinking your eye. Construction of the building began in 1248 and was finally completed in 1880. This artistic work clearly shows the strength of medieval European creative design.


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