Best Hong Kong Vacation Ideas

Are you looking for vacation ideas to spice up your holidays? Well, Hong Kong is one of the greatest places you can go for a vacation. Most tourists prefer Hong Kong because of its amazing sceneries. Here are some of the best things you can do in Hong Kong. Read on and find out.

Hike up to Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the most iconic places here in Hong Kong because it gives the outlying islands and Kowloon. The best way you can reach the mountaintop is through the peak tram. This will help to avert persistent queues so that you can enjoy the ultimate experience. For a more exciting experience, you can follow trail road along the Hatton road which will take approximately one hour. Once you are there you should follow the circle walk for a panoramic view of Hong Kong and the South China Sea at a distance. It will be an enjoyable ride.

Explore the Sai Kung Peninsula

Hong Kong is a densely populated city but its outskirts can provide great experience because you can explore rustic islands and hike up on mountains. Sai King is one of the iconic places that you should visit here in Hong Kong. It is known as Hong Kong green lung which is acquainted with fishing villages and hiking trails. Therefore, if you are touring sai Kung Peninsula it will be a perfect opportunity to get in touch with nature.

Visit Ancient Chinese Temples

Hong Kong is a good platform to learn more about Chinese culture. The best place to learn more about the historical background of China is to visit Chinese Temples which were built as a place to honor the gods. The temples serve as a spiritual place where you can meet with the monks and get to learn more about the history of Chinese culture.

Enjoy Hong kong massage

Hong Kong is full of life and your vacation will not be complete without enjoying Hong Kong massage. They do it passionately and professionally with lots of soothing herbs Hong Kong is packed with lots of world-class spas that will give you the most exciting massage. They are affordable and they offer quality services. You will get to interact with herbalists who will ensure you receive a massage that will relieve you from the pain that you might have experienced through hiking in different terrains during your vacation.

Hang out at the Beach

Hong Kong is densely populated and it is easy to forget that it is surrounded by water. There are many beaches on the southern side which are known to be the best beaches around. You should extend your vacation in such areas and have some classy photos as you enjoy the beach life.

Go shopping on the street markets

Mom Kok is one of the best places that you can shop around during the vacation. You will find lots of products that are attractive and affordable.


If you want to take your vacation to a new level then Hong Kong is the best place. Plan for it in advance and you will have great them for your vacation.


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