How To Protect Stroller When Flying | Some Important Tips To Follow

A stroller is your savior when you are going to travel with a baby on plane. You can’t hold your baby all the way in the long lines, the documents checking procedure or in the waiting area. If you successfully get past the security entrance of the airport, your trip can get easier and more relaxing for both you and your baby.

Handling all your belongings and grabbing some snacks on the go gets way to difficult when you have your baby with you. However, if your little one is safely placed in the stroller, you can get the comfort of managing things with ease. In this article, we’ll figure out some ways through which you can protect your baby stroller when flying.

What To Expect?

The first thing you should know is that taking your baby’s stroller along with you will not be an easy peasy task. Because the security of almost every airport is highly strict, you can expect to take your baby off the stroller while it is on the luggage X-ray machine. Along with that, you are supposed to walk through the security check metal-detector because a stroller won’t be allowed there as well. Don’t worry because your baby will be safe with you all the time. However, you can’t hold them while the imagining machine.

How To Protect Stroller When Flying?

The following are some simple tips through which you can easily keep your baby stroller protected during the flight. Let us have a look!

Follow The Airport Policy

Every airline has its own security policy and rules that you have to abide by when flying. Make sure you have gathered all the information about the policies so that you will not have to face any issue at the last moment. Remember that only one of your stroller or car seat can be gate-checked, so choose accordingly. If your stroller is not packed properly or is too heavy, then you will have to get it checked on the ticket counter.

Choose A Padded Stroller Bag

Don’t want to get all tired and dulled even before the flight takes off? Then play smart and choose a padded stroller instead of a common one. Padded stroller bags are lightweight so that you can easily carry them with the stroller packed inside. Especially, if you are planning to store the stroller along with you, it must be stored in its bag. Safety is a must because you are relying on the stroller or car seat for carrying the baby when you land. Make sure you get a reliable car seat or padded stroller bag.

Make Your Stroller Gate-Check

To be on the safe side, it is advisable that you gate-check your stroller. Most of the strollers are usually so big that you can’t even store them or carry them with you. It is better that you get them checked on the gate and they will store it later in the overhead bin for you.

Storing Your Stroller

The size of your stroller determines where it will be stored. People move whole households through planes. So, don’t worry about your stroller for being so big. If it is small and foldable, you can easily place it beside your seat on the plane. However, if it is unfoldable, you can let the authorities take care of it in the overhead bin. If your baby stroller isn’t lucky enough to find a slot there, you can transfer your stroller connecting to the next flight. Here you will find the complete information about how to protect your kids and their stuff while traveling.

Claim Your Luggage

Don’t forget to claim your stroller bag if you have chosen to let it come on another flight or through the overhead luggage. If the stroller is big, check for it in the over-sized luggage area.


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