Best Sailing Destination In Croatia

In my opinion, the best sailing destination in Croatia just has to be Split. Split is a coastal city on the Dalmation coast of Croatia. The place is just so beautiful and dripping in history and makes a great base from which you can explore this part of the coast. The city of Split is the second-largest in Croatia, and there is just so much to do when you are not on the water.

Close by to Split you will find some of the most beautiful Croatian islands where you can anchor and swim in perfect crystal clear waters. Sailing in the Split region is divided into three seasons. In the spring, it is regatta season, and the waters are busy with the many regattas that take place.

The most popular regatta is the MRDUJA regatta, which first took place way back in 1927, organized by the Split Yacht Club. This event is one of the autumn regattas, which is held in late September or early October every year. The race route is between Split and the small island called Mrduja and then back. The race is not the point of the regatta; the real purpose is a goodbye to the summer and just having fun with friends and fellow yachtsmen.

There are almost 400 regattas that take place in Croatia annually. Most in the spring season, but others in the autumn. The summer is reserved for a more relaxed experience, and just chilling is the order of the day.

Split is famous for one other reason, and that is because it is the home to the most significant number of charter vessels in Croatia. The coastline has a large number of islands, and it is a great place to sail, with so much to see so a good advice is to get a yacht charter in Split and just go exploring straight away.

The climate is mostly warm and dry, and it has a moderate maestral wind. The water is both clean and clear, which is a great bonus as well. Summers are quite hot, with an air temperature of around 40C and water temperatures in the region of 25C.

There are eight different winds present in the Adriatic. Each of these winds has its own indications and effects. There is only really one wind that might cause concern, and that wind is called Neverin. It does not often occur (around 3 or 4 times a month), and it lasts less than an hour. Neverin is a sudden powerful storm. The other seven types of wind present no problem.

The most common wind is Maestral, which brings stability in the weather and a constant 15 to 20 knots from the NorthWest. This wind is perfect for sailing in this area.

Some places you should not miss in the Split region are Trogir, a World Heritage Site, north of Split, and containing a central core to the town, which is truly amazing. The other place is Lastovo, a sunny paradise that has numerous restaurants with their own moorings. The cuisine is primarily seafood (of course). There is also a grand annual carnival called Poklad and magnificent traditional architecture to wander around.

So, you can see that Split offers everything you could need for a siling vacation. You really should check it out if you get the opportunity.


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