Travel New York City with kids

The city that never sleeps, New York City is often misunderstood as very dangerous and not suitable for traveling with kids but don’t go on rumors. If you have ever been there then you know it all. Well, there are some downs with New York but it’s like this in the whole world you can never be specific with just one place and exaggerate it.

You will be actually surprised to know that new yorkers are actually really friendly and caring people. How are you today? It will be the first question you will be asked even without knowing you and they will help you whenever they can without even asking you. So don’t think about what the rumors are, pack your bags and go for it.

Places to visit for kids

Now, that you have reached here. And have had a nice meal in one of a never-ending chain of restaurants with all kinds of foods from all around the world. Now it’s time for you to take your kids out and have some fun. As there are so many places in New York for the children that you can hardly visit even if you live here.

So we have made this list for you having all the most popular and interesting places for you to take your kids. And a collection which can be enjoyed kids with all kind of mindsets.

Marvelous mega structures

Empire state building, statue of liberty, and One World observatory are few of the largest manmade structures in the world. But don’t miss the tallest and the fastest elevators in the world, your kids will surely get a kick riding them.

Intrepid Air and Space museum

I will first come to, not only my favorite place but a dream come true for all the boys who want to become fighter pilots or join the navy. Intrepid museum has all kinds of planes from the World War 2 era as well as modern jets and my personal favorite SR 71.

Central park

Well, how can we forget the USA’s most visited park which is an attraction for all kinds of children and grownups. Central Park with area expanding up to 3.5 square kilometers and a lake is the best place to go when you are tired of the city’s noisy traffic and rush. And can rest while your kids play without any risk of getting lost.

American museum of natural history

If you got some nerdy kids don’t forget to visit this place full of prehistoric information. Your kids will definitely love exploring the largest collection of dinosaur fossils and many other extinct animals. And a special discovery room where children can see behind the scenes of scientific research on the specimens.


Don’t forget to take your sci-fi inspired kids to this place where they some intergalactic many puzzles and go dodging through lasers and stuff. They will surely get a feel like they are a part of some intergalactic mission.


  • No matter how safe you feel never let go any of your children go somewhere alone and always hold their hands.
  • Try to get a child-safe hotel if you can. They can prove really beneficial.
  • If you are traveling in your car never forget to put a durable convertible car seat.
  • Try not to go with any stranger unless he is a certified travel guide.


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