Make your homes smarter by bringing home Alexa: Ensure your smart homes to ensure security

“Alexa! Turn on the AC”. The AC turns on just by this simple instruction. “Alexa! Switch off the lights”. All the connected lights turn off with this instruction to Alexa. How cool it sounds, isn’t it? Certainly, all of us want to lay back and hope that the work gets done just by our commands. We want to make our homes such cool and smart homes that everything we desire is done by our commands. In today’s modern technological world, it is very much possible to do so. You just have to choose the right accessories out of the wide variety available in the market. Along with that, you must be aware of all the pros and cons attached to making your home a smart home. Let us go one by one. We will start by telling you the pros and cons of bringing Alexa to your home.

To start with the benefits of Alexa, primarily you will be able to impress all the guests because you are equipped with smart devices at your home. Alexa devices allow you to quickly set-up a smart home with economical devices. Additionally, the devices that can be linked to Alexa are easy to set-up and plug-in where ever required. Moreover, the Alexa App on which Echo products are set-up easily runs on both Apple and Android devices. It is the most renowned smart home hub because it facilitates extensive support to the gadgets and has over 10,000 skills/third party capabilities. Despite so many benefits of Alexa, some people choose other virtual voice-controlled assistants because the app is heavy for phones of lower configuration. The available Alexa speakers are of mediocre quality in comparison with others in the race, but that can be justified by its pricing. You will need to talk to the speaker and not your phone to instruct Alexa and even after that Alexa sometimes finds it difficult to understand and respond to your instructions. Another challenging task for Alexa users is that they will have to hunt for third-party home accessories that can be linked to Alexa on their own as there is no support from Amazon for this. However, the cons are not so big that you cannot handle them, so go on and make your home smarter by installing Alexa and supported products in your home.

Just remember the pros and cons of making your home a smart home. The pros turn out to be the comfort by giving instructions when you are laid back and laying a good impression on guests. As for the cons, you will have to incur handsome installation cost which varies from user to user depending on the number of gadgets he wants to link with Alexa. Maintaining these expensive devices is another additional cost. The smart homes have higher additional cost in comparison with traditional homes. But do not miss buying home insurance while making your home smarter because smarter homes need it more than the traditional homes.

Furthermore, the smart homeowners must buy a comprehensive policy of house insurance Ireland so that they can cover all of their smart gadgets under the home insurance Ireland policy. The reason for which the smart homeowners and all the homeowners should buy house insurance in Ireland is that the house insurance covers the homeowners against every type of risk attached to their home and smart gadgets installed in it.


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