5 Cleaning Tips for Every Nooks and Crannies of Your House

The spring cleaning is very important for our house to maintain the good visual appeal of your house. During the spring season, the weather is clear and the atmosphere is favorable, therefore, this is the best time to deep clean your house after the adverse winter season. You should put effort and spruce up your home this season.  In spring home cleaning, you should put effort to clean every nooks and cranny in your home.

Along with normal targets such as floors, counters, closets, you should also focus on some stubborn place that can accumulate a huge amount of dust. This time you should also focus on these places that are hidden and not easily visible. But, when you suddenly encounter these places, then you find that it is difficult to reach these places and clean them.

But, don’t worry, our simple cleaning tips will help you to get clean nooks & crannies.  By investing in good cleaning devices such as a battery backpack vacuum cleaner and taking little help from your friends, you can clean these places easily. Read the following points and implement them to clean your house efficiently:

1. Roof & Moldings

While cleaning our house, we forget to clean our ceiling. It is so because ceiling cleaning is not as easy as pie. Your ceiling will be a host of spider and spider webs, crown molding, dirt spot, and dust. You can either use a long-handled duster or battery backpack vacuum cleaner with an attachment to clean your ceiling.

You can also use a dry sponge to remove dirt spots. You should clean the ceiling first so that you can easily clean up fallen debris. If you observe molds on your ceiling, then first clean it with a vacuum cleaner, and then apply mold cleaning sprays.

2. Huge Size Furniture & Cabinets Tops

When you purchase a disposable duster, then make sure you invest in those that have pivoting head. This will help you to reach the tall furniture pieces and cabinet top as well. If your kitchen cabinet is too much greasy, then you can use a step stool to reach the greasy cabinet.

After that, you should use a soft cloth to wipe down the greasy surface. First of all, dip the cloth in a soapy water solution and then rub it over the kitchen cabinets. You can also use household ammonia for removing dirty spots and tough stains.

3. Clean Window Blinds

Your window blind can also accumulate a huge amount of dust as we forget to clean them while doing regular house clean up. You can clean them with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you invest in a good vacuum cleaner, check battery backpack vacuum reviews before you invest in anyone. While cleaning your blinds, make sure to close them and clean them from one side. After that, reverse the direction and then clean them from another side.

After vacuum cleaning, you can use a sponge and a pair of kitchen tongs for deep cleaning. You can hold each slat of the blind with a kitchen tong and then clean them with a sponge. After that, you should simply move your tongs to another slat and repeat the process unless you complete the entire slats.

4. Windows And Sliding Door Tracks

The windows and doors tracks can attract huge amounts of dust and it is really difficult to clean them. As these tracks are tight spaces, therefore, it requires special efforts. When you want to clean these tracks, you should remove these screens so that you can clean them efficiently. Once you remove the screen, now take out your commercial backpack battery vacuum cleaner and install the crevice tool.

It will help in removing loose dirt inside these tracks. After vacuum cleaning, take a bowl. Add warm water and dishwashing solution with household ammonia as well. Now, take a flexible stiff-bristled brush and dip it inside the solution. You should rub these tracks with this brush. Finally, rinse them with clean water.

5. Clean Up Refrigerator Coils

The accumulation of dust and debris in between refrigerator coils will increase the electric consumption and utility bills. Moreover, dust accumulation will reduce the efficiency of your refrigerator. By using a few tools and putting little effort, you can easily get rid of this dust and dist.

Usually, the condenser coils are installed in the back or beneath the refrigerator coils. You just need to unplug the refrigerator before starting the cleaning process. After that start vacuum cleaning to remove dust completely.

If these coils are located beneath the fridge, then you should first unsnap the ventilated grill. In these kinds of models, you hand stiff brush or vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool to remove the dust. You should try to reach the corner where dust binnies are formed. Do not forget to clean the blades so that they can move easily.


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