5 Clever Denim Fashion Tips Every Jeans-Loving Girl Needs to Know


Denim is timeless and evergreen! First invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, it has been ruling the casual clothing lines ever since. Across the world, people wear jeans and consider it an essential part of their wardrobe. They pair it with tees, tops, ethnic tunics, and so on.

To have some variety in chilly winds, I invest in thick tights for winter to wear with long and short tops. But jeans remain to be my favorite and most-worn closet essential. Check out some clever tips to spice up your denim looks.

5 Denim Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

  1. Denim on Denim.
  2. Create the Right Edges and Cuffs.
  3. Invest in Sturdy Jeans.
  4. Always Check the Label.
  5. Pair Them with Ethnic Tops.

Let’s help you pull off the most trendy looks!

Denim on Denim

Don’t rely on fashionistas to experiment with this trend. If pulled off a little creatively, you can yet trendy look, totally rock it. For a minimalistic and casual yet trendy look, experiment with contrasting shades and washes. For instance, try dark blue jeans and pair it with a light blue, button-up denim shirt. Or, vice versa. It looks great!

You can also pair black jeans with a denim shirt in a different shade. You can also pull off a classic denim look by pairing the same shades of blue jeans and jacket with a white t-shirt. Flaunt a pair of vintage earrings and complete the look with a messy bun.

Create the Right Edges and Cuffs

You can create a raw and rugged look by edging or cuffing your jeans. For short girls especially, cuffed up jeans look great with the right boots. You can also refresh your old pair of jeans and alter the length by cuffing them. For a more raw look, snip off the extra fabric according to your desired length. Use tweezers to loosen the threads or wash it once to achieve the frayed edge.

  • For a wide-leg pair of jeans, cuff it twice to create a cuff of two inches.
  • For skinny jeans, a fold of half an inch would suffice.
  • For boyfriend jeans, scrunching up by four inches would be ideal.

Invest in Sturdy Jeans

Since denim is evergreen, it’s never going out of vogue. Ever! Therefore, invest in good quality jeans. For more durability, go for heavier fabric. The heavier and sturdier the denim fabric is, the better the quality. Initially, you may not feel very comfortable in them, but once you start wearing them, they will get softer and comfy.

Always Check the Label

Do you like a bit of stretch in your jeans? If yes, make sure you peek at the label whilst shopping. Check the percentage of lycra or spandex. The best would be not going for more than 2%. If you go for more than this, they will sag soon. And you don’t want to wear something so unflattering. If you are between two sizes, then it’s best to go for the smaller one because it is bound to loosen up after a few wears.

Here are some pro tips for you to style better:

  • Go for the right pockets. Check the shape and size of the pockets. Take your time to check how they sit when you put the jeans on. Pockets, which fall lower than the curve of the bottom, are very unflattering. Also, avoid jeans without any pockets.
  • Keep them fresh! Only wash them when they start sagging or get stained. They will last longer with fewer washes. Between the washes, it is a good idea to hang them in a room full of steam. You can do it while showering.
  • Prevent fading by washing them with cold water and turning them inside out. Also, you should prefer air-drying instead of using a dryer.
  • Fix a tight pair of jeans by hanging them from the belt loops after washing them. Tug a little at the waistband whilst they are damp. You can also try a hot steam iron or a hairdryer while tugging at the waistband for an extra stretch.

Pair Them with Ethnic Tops

Have you ever paired jeans with a vintage or ethnic top? If not, you should! You will stand out from the whole crowd. I used to go for formal pants for ladies whenever I wanted to wear an ethnic top. But it made the whole look very formal. I tried it with jeans and it just looked great. It remained casual yet catchy.

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