10 Dress Material for Prom Dress

Planning to wear something stunning and unique in parties and events then prom dresses are a better option. The season is not so far and you have to pick a cool prom dress. The look of your dress depends upon the fabric from which it is made.

For a nice flow and light appeal you should choose lightweight fabrics and for a firm and rigid look you can choose fabrics like net, cotton, silk etc. You may have seen many celebrities flaunting themselves at events and parties in beautiful prom dresses.

1. Chiffon:

It is a lightweight fabric with a playful appeal. The fabric gives your outfit a shiny appearance. It is purely made from silk and is a transparent fabric. The fabric is most commonly used in evening wear to give the attire a voluminous look.

It has a light and slippery texture. The fabric is gentle and delicate in nature. It is a great choice for prom dresses. You can make a layered dress stitched in this fabric.

2. Satin:

This fabric has a glossy surface on the front and a dull surface at the back. The fabric has a high lustre and sheer and it can be a good choice for prom dresses. You can add lace at the bottom for a more graceful look.

Different variations can be made of the basic satin weave consisting of granite weave or check weave. The fabric is also combined with other fabrics such as silk, nylon or polyester. Designers tend to choose the fabric for alluring dresses.

3. Georgette:

Another fabric for making prom dresses is georgette. It is a lightweight and sheer fabric. The fabric was named after a French dressmaker Georgette De La Plante. It is originally made from silk with highly twisted yarns.

The fabric is usually seen in solid colors and prints. The fabric can also be made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, viscose and rayon. The fabric is good for hot climate.

4. Crepe:

It is a fabric made from silk, wool or synthetic fibres. The fabric has a crimped and crisp appearance. There are many different varieties of crepe gamsa, balzerine, altesse and many more. It gives the wearer a slim and tall look. It is the most preferred fabric for party wear and formal wear.

The fabric is soft and comfortable and prom dresses look ravishing when made from this fabric. It gives the attire a beautiful drape.

5. Net:

It is a transparent and soft fabric. The yarns are looped, fused or knotted at the intersection that results in a fabric with open spaces. The fabric also comes in different varieties and it is the most common fabric used in prom dresses.

The fabric is stitched upon a piece of cloth like satin, or silk. The dress can be decorated with embroidery works, lace works, pearls and motifs. The embellishments can be seen on sleeves and at the bottom of dress.

6. Velvet:

This is a smooth and soft fabric. It is a type of woven tufted fabric that is made with cut threads evenly distributed giving the fabric a soft feel. Velvet is made from many different types of fibres such as silk, cotton, linen, wool and mohair.

It is a rich and royal fabric and has the most rich colors. The fabric is usually made from silk and thus it is a bit expensive as compared to other fabrics. If you like dark colors then you should definitely choose this fabric. You can also go through some dress material catalogue  if you want to search for more dress materials.

7. Organza:

This fabric is traditionally made from silk, it is also woven with synthetic filament fibres such as nylon or polyester. It is a thin, plain weave sheer fabric used to make formal garments. The fabric is very commonly used in evening dresses and bridal dresses.

Silk organza manufactured in Bangalore are widely used in prom dresses. The fabric is delicate and soft in nature. It has a shiny appeal and is used in making skirts and even fairy dresses.

8. Taffeta:

Taffeta is a Persian word that means twisted woven. It is a plain woven fabric made from silk having a crisp and smooth surface. The fabric can also be made from polyester and rayon. It is a very popular fabric in making prom dresses or ball gowns.

There are two main types of silk taffeta. The one is yarn dyed that is stiffer and widely used to make evening dresses and the other is piece dyed often used in linings and is quite soft. It can be a great choice for prom dresses.

9. Tulle:

It is a fabric similar to net but the difference is that it is lighter than net and has smaller spaces between threads. The fabric is frequently used to add a nice volume to the attire. The fabric is available in distinct weave and colors. It is made from silk, rayon and nylon.

There are many different types of tulle such as silk tulle, Italian tool, English tulle and illusion tool. Each of them have different qualities, knitting size and feel.

10. Sequin:

It is a fabric that is covered with plastic or metal pieces. The outfits made from this are very attractive and ravishing. You can be the limelight of a party or event when you wear sequin dresses.

There are so many alluring colors in this you get a glittery golden, sparkling green, gorgeous red and many more in this fabric. The fabric is stretchy and flexible and is a perfect match for prom season. Get a brilliant dress designed from this one.

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