Take a Trip to 4 Popular Mongolian Destinations

Are you planning a trip to Mongolia? If yes, then you must be at the right place to explore the new places of Mongolia where you plan your trip to the middle area of vast Inner Mongolia that combines the four popular destinations of this country. Nowadays, Mongolia is the most sightsee country due to its panoramic attractions amid its entrée from Beijing by train and air.

When you are traveling on the Mongolia that provides you the best chance to look out the modern Inner-Mongolia today to get enjoying the extensive grassland and moving the oldest Mongolian cultures. So, you can plan your trip to Mongolia with the best tour operator in Mongolia to make your trip exciting.

Here is given its popular four destinations that you must visit when you are in Mongolia, such as


As you know, Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia (Asian nomads) and a single entranceway to visit its destinations within Mongolia. It is dense and the actively constructing city that is enclosed by four holy mountains with thick forests.

Traveling to Tuv Province-

Here, in this place, there is something for you if you like to enjoy quiet places, landscapes watching, and scenic drive, within only the 20 to 30 km far away from Ulaanbaatar. There are a lot of chances for international tourists as horseback riding from Khentii to the southern edge of the Terelj mountain range, Bogd Khan mountain, biking trails, winter skiing, excellent golf courses, and dog sledging. If you want to enjoy the ancient historic attractions and remains of monasteries and museums, then there are a lot of places for you to sightsee as you visit through the Tuv province.

Visit Khuvsgul-

This place is blessed with shiny natural beauty, Khuvsgul province has been nominated as in the first and best destination in Mongolia, so, the Khuvsgul lake is also believed as the “Blue Pearl of Asia”. This popular lake is also known for the panorama of enclosing mountains on each side and the clarity of its water.

Umnugobi Province-

The last popular place of Mongolia is the Gobi Desert that is the most popular amongst the tourists who come to visit this country from all over the world. It is a dry and vast region that looks like Africa’s sandy Sahara but when you reached there because it looks different in real. It is a land of semi-desert with a variety of rocky treeless snow-topped mountains, a lush mixture of valleys and bushes and meadows, heavily eroded hills, streams and springs rivers stopping nowhere. And the Mongolian Gobi have the beautiful looking Asiatic wild ass, two-humped Bacterian camels, Mazaalai- endangered Gobi bear.


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