Natural Back Pain Relief Treatments

Seek medical help immediately if the pain is caused due to any medicine of the problems that result in more doctor visits than compared to any other diseases, apart from flu, of course, is the back pain. Also, you can try out some of the most common pain-reducing exercises, yoga, acupuncture and/or massage therapy. Some of the usual ingredients that can be used as natural painkillers are turmeric and willow bark.  

al conditions such as displaced discs, you can also try out medical equipment such as crutches or back decompression belts  to straighten your back and also give you relief of course as per the doctor’s recommendations if you notice that your backache is not improving using the general methods. 

Some of the natural methods that can be put into practice to reduce back pain include :

  1. Use either hot or cold packs -This is a very easy method that you can try at home to fight the backache. Apply a hot water bottle to the affected area. You can also apply cold packs to the same area instead of the hot pack, however, do not apply it directly as you may experience cold burns. Cover the ice pack with a slightly thick cloth. Follow whichever works well for you.
  2. Using plants or herbs as natural painkillers – As mentioned above, you can use different herbs or plants like turmeric(which is most popular for its anti-inflammatory properties) can be used in different ways such as a paste or sliced into a cup of tea or add it into the daily cooking to experience its properties to its full potential. A downside of turmeric is that it is however not suitable for those who face regular bleeding problems. It makes the blood even thinner and increases the rate of bleeding.
  3. Use Ayurvedic Oil – Ayurveda has been here for ages and has been a solution to several ailments including backache. To ease the back pain you can lightly rub the oil that is made up of sesame oil, milk and a variety of very useful herbs such as bilva, ashwagandha, briharti and shatavari-over the area where you experience pain.
  4. Acupuncture – Although Acupuncture has been there since ages like Ayurvedic medicine, it has recently been scientifically proven to be very efficacious for back pain. According to ancient Chinese folklore, from where this method originally belongs, it is believed that the force of Qi flows through the body along the pathways and an imbalance in this energy flow does cause all the diseases. The method works towards bringing balance to the energy by exciting certain body points like the bladder, kidney, and liver by pressing fine thin sharp needles into those points.
  5. Posture – Working on the correct posture will be more than enough to lessen the muscle tension and help with the backache. This means that the bones in the spine are positioned correctly.

These are therefore amongst the best natural back pain relief treatments that you can try out immediately if you are experiencing it right now. 



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