Why You Should Go for an Air Cooler over an Air Conditioner?

If you have been advised by many people to go for an air cooler over an air conditioner, then there are many valid reasons for the same. Let’s provide you with them so that you can be convinced and buy an air cooler to beat the heat this summer!

  • Economical alternative

The first thing going in favor of an air cooler is that it is an economical alternative than an AC. The cost of an air cooler in India begins at around Rs.5,000; whereas an AC is available at a starting price of around Rs.25,000. Hence, buying an AC may not be affordable for all. But buying an air cooler is well within reach of their budget. What’s more, you can also save up to 30-40% electricity bill by installing an air cooler compared to an air conditioner. 

  • Pure air 

An air cooler pulls outside air to run it in front of the water-soaked pad to cool the room, leaving the room filled with pure air. On the other hand, an AC uses the air inside a room to cool it down. Hence, there is no ventilation, leaving the scope for the user to inhale impure air. 

  • Easy installation and portable 

Compared to an AC that takes time and effort, along with electrical connections to be taken care of while being installed, an air cooler is easier to install within minutes. What’s more, an air cooler is also portable, which means you can easily take it from one place to another. It is not easier to do that with it. Yes, portable ACs are in, but even they need to be installed and uninstalled for taking from one room to another. 

If you don’t live in a seaside area, then it is good to go for an air cooler. If not, then an AC is always a universal solution for all temperature settings.


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