Activities That Improve the Memory of Your Kid

Memory is an essential aspect of a person’s life. Having a good memory gives an added edge. People with good memory prosper and do better in life compared to those who have a bad memory. In order to have a good memory, one must train right from the formative years of development. So, to ensure that your child has the best memory you need to start early and maintain the memory exercises throughout the growth years.

What are the activities that help improve your child’s memory?

You can start with basic brain games that deal with remembering pictures or pairs of pictures. It’s a great way to begin and this way you can also participate with your child and work on your memory too.

Another good way to improve memory is to remember a sequence of words or numbers. Give the child the random sequence of words or numbers to remember and let them devise their own methods of doing so.

Timed solving of picture puzzles is another great way to enhance memory. Let them see the picture just once or twice before they begin and tie the activity so that they think fast.

Ever wondered why children are taught rhymes? 

Textual narratives and rhyming words help children to visualise abstract ideas and create methods to remember the narratives. Similarly, the music and rhythm in the rhymes help enhance memory. Research has shown that kids who learn music or learn to play a musical instrument have a better memory than those who don’t play any instrument or who have no sense of music and rhythm. Dance is another great way of enhancing memory as well as physical fitness and motor skills.

For lasting success in an era of information overload, it is necessary to be the best and possess the most advanced skills to truly excel and prosper. Being satisfied with mediocre memory will lead to frustration as your child will not be able to develop and adapt fast and morph according to changing times and needs of the futuristic job market that is dynamic and ever-changing. 

The advance in technology has made everything easy and accessible. It has the same time depleted your memory. Now you can’t even remember your spellings, your beloved’s number, or even the address of your house. Everything from your appointments to your flights is remembered by the virtual assistant who fits in the palm of your hand.

However, with such a degrading of human memory and thinking abilities, people with exceptional memory are rare and are an asset to any company or organization. They are not dependent on technology and they can perform tasks better using technology because of their memory.

Start developing your child’s memory with fun games and activities before it is too late.

Every person’s mind is unique but it is most receptive till early adulthood, after one’s mid-twenties the power of the mind becomes stagnant and then there is a steady decline post forties. If you have not started training your kid’s mind and memory it is high time that you begin with the right fervour to make up for the lost time. The systematic and routined practice of such activities will help them achieve excellent memory.

What if you have done everything and your child doesn’t seem to show the right amount of progress?

No need to worry and fuss over it. As previously mentioned, each person’s mind is unique and it devises its own methodology to retain ideas, images, and details; even if it seems futile now.


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