Traveling via airplane is fun but sometimes you do get stuck at an airport and that’s the time your actual test patience starts and here few things to do that will help you to pass successfully through your patience test because in some situations don’t have our control and they can just rush through our hands. So, now you have two choices either you can spend your time getting annoying and nagging with the airline employees, or you can just chill and slay your bad situation with having some fun. Keeping slaying in mind, here is a list of few things that will help you to have fun and find some comfortable:-

  1. Make a good play track – This sounds great and will be cool if you succeeded to make an awesome play track you are all set to pass your time without counting on it.
  2. Travel with a good plan – Yes!! via which site you have booked your ticket plays a very major role. For example – if you are traveling via Air Botswana you will get points while booking tickets because Air Botswana runs a club called Teemane Club where you can get bonus points on every ticket you book.
  3. Pamper yourself – Some airports have gyms, yoga sessions, spa centers with massage, hair and manicure services. So, just give a little pamper to yourself according to your preference or just explore a bit because if you are a wanderer then this is a great time for you don’t roam inside the airport, just go a little outside and you will be surprised because some airports have movie theatres, behind-the-scenes tours, galleries, museums, gardens, art installations, etc. The best way to get these on your mind is just by visiting there sites like visit the  Air Burkina site they will tell you some amazing facts which will give a major goal to visit.
  4. Be an Online freak- All airports have free Wi-Fi so just make good use of it by downloading movies, games, shows etc or just get a Lounge Pass yes airport lounges are quite expensive but if you are considering to buy a lounge pass then go for it because they will let you stay in the airport for a longer period. And one more point that you should know is that airport lounges are more comfortable than the airport terminal because of their quieter environments, private Wi-Fi, free drinks, snacks, showers, and better customer service.
  5. Go for shopping – If you are a shopaholic and just do not care about the prices believe me the airport shopping us a bit expensive but they keep some amazing things like a particularly foreign best selling fascinating novel, dresses, perfumes, etc.
  6. Explore something about conspiracy theory – If you are a conspiracy theory lover you will love the wild rumors surrounding the airports and the way the news channel trolls the conspiracy theory is also very funny. So just go through google and search the conspiracies, for example, search Air Cairo conspiracy you will get amazing facts to know about Air Cairo and many other airports too.

Complete your Novel – If you are a little introvert and don’t like socializing and just be with your novel all time then this free time is just for you just check some newsfeed than go through your book. If you don’t have a book with you some airports do have a bookshop or library just select a random book and start reading it thus will hook up a long time of yours and you won’t get bored also.


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