Best ways to Represent Your Country Through Traveling

By traveling, one should always know that he or she is representing his/her homeland by his activities and behavior. So traveling gives you an opportunity to represent your country well, How well? I’ll tell you in this Blog.

This was my first experience with Virikson Morocco Holidays, I traveled to Marrakech and then to the desert. My time in the Markets of Marrakech and on the desert taught me about what representing a country means. So let us review some tips which we already know about the successful representation of our country during our travel experiences.

Tips to Represent your Country well During travel:

Here are some tips for you to know how to represent your homeland to the destinations you are tripping in 2020.

You cannot always be welcomed:

That means you are visiting any destination on your own and not necessarily everyone would consider you a guest but you have to be proactive about this. That literally means that don’t expect too much with the people you don’t know and you are visiting their place for the first time.

Be patient, and calm on the strange places. Uncertain moments like snatching, misbehave or anything like that can happen. You just have to be calm and relaxed. Try to avoid that situation to leave that place. Again, don’t be much proactive that you always be in this single fear and can’t enjoy your trip.

You are there on the destination to enjoy your trip, spend time to relax your muscles and less stressed brain. Chill.

Bridge the Cultural Gaps- It works:

I learned in the Bazaars of Marrakech that cultural consciousness is an important thing. You should be culturally sensitive to understand the cultural norms of the destination you are wandering at.

This thing varies from place to place. If you are in the Muslim countries, you have to follow their norms to trip their country, so as for Christian and Non-Christian countries. Along with this thing, visiting the third world countries also matters.

See if you are tripping to any of the third world countries, you might have a different culture to tackle with. So be flexible with your culture, believes and the norms of place you are visiting.

If covering your body is important so don’t ignore it, taking photos is not that normal so don’t take pics without permission. There are many little and major things to take care of. So now onwards, being a professional traveler, you need to know this aspect of traveling too.

Speak little, Ask questions and listen to the locals:

But how? You don’t know the language. It leads you to the importance of learning the local language. It matters if you allow yourself learning some words of the language people of the holiday destination speak. It will make you more frank with them.

Now the point is, don’t speak too much. Listen to the different perspectives and point of views. That will give you a complete idea of how to communicate in the place.

Ask them questions about the local history, culture and activities. This is a first-hand experience you can take during your visit to any place in the world.

Speak a little and with gestures like smiles and acceptance. Like you are accepting what they say and what they do, it will open a new door of learning because now you are welcomed properly. They will welcome you with an open heart this way.

Now share the things you know about:

This is the best strategy, first, know and then speak. Once you got an idea of how the locals communicate and accept the argument, now the time is to place your argument. Share your experiences.

Tell them about your country but only things necessary to tell. It was a great moment in Morocco I still recall sometimes. I mostly visit the destination and meet with my friends. We share our stories and laugh together. This is a great gesture of our across the border relationship. I suggest you represent your country this way.

Take Gifts for your local friends:

If you know the place you already know and have friends there. It is your duty to gift them some traditional thing which belongs to your homeland.

I remember one of my Turkish friends brought a Turkish coffee for me when she visited London to see me and my family. Another friend from Pakistan bought us a lot of traditional gifts, toys for kids and sweets. Whenever she visits me she brings something with her. So my connection with her is like a family and she represented her homeland very well.

It is in your hands that how you hold the reputation of your country in the places you usually travel to. I can hope that you have learned a lot from this blog and will implement the things discussed above.


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