7 Ways To Make a Person a Pleasant Compliment

It all depends on the purpose for which a compliment is made. Someone does something to please another, someone simply successfully states the facts, someone likes to manipulate in this way, someone speaks with sincere motives and in order to please his interlocutor.

A compliment is an art that requires a person to have certain skills. If you use it horribly, you can turn it into an instrument of resentment and flattery. There are a few secrets that will help you understand how to properly and nicely say amenities.

Exclude flattery

For whatever purpose you do it, try to do it sincerely. Flattery is always noticeable, and instead of positive emotions, it will be possible to cause hostility.

Remember that a compliment is aimed at bringing joy to people, with its help there should be more good.
But flattery already performs completely different functions: for getting what you want, guile, condescension, and other not so altruistic motives.

Give up stamps

Blurred praise is no longer praise. Saying to a person: “you are a great fellow and smart” is the same as comparing him with the majority, not emphasizing his uniqueness, uniqueness and peculiarity. Common hackneyed phrases and compliments cause their recipient a feeling of pretense and guile. You will then be one of those many who have already said such a thing. Make an exact compliment and argue it. Explain to your interlocutor why you precisely wanted to note his quality.

Praise merit

Starting communication with a little-known person, note his positive aspects, which are immediately visible. It can be a good face, a figure, beautifully delivered literary speech, an interesting style and more.

Do not try to draw deep psychological conclusions, because the first impression is deceptive and you can pass for a flatterer.

Praise the flaws

Every person wants to be praised. Not everyone has obvious qualities to brag about. To win over a person, find something outstanding in him and give him great value. For example, if a sweet but very shy girl is standing aside at a party, tell her how you like modest and shy girls and explain why.

Less high-flown phrases

Literary grandiloquent comparisons are of course very sweet and romantic, but in reality they look contrasting and implausible. Do not bombard the girl with phrases like “your eyes are like two oceans, and a star burns in your forehead.” In this case, she will look at you with a slight surprise and, most likely, will move away.

Consider the interests of people

You need to take the place of another person and understand what he would like to hear from you. Do not forget to consider gender, age, hobbies and value orientations. So to say, pleasant for a man, it is necessary to focus on his mental abilities, a woman – on his appearance; the child will be pleased to hear the praise of his toys, the teenager – about his uniqueness, the old man – about his good deeds done for life.


Be sure to contact the person by name, smile and look with kindness in the eye. These actions miraculously affect the state of anyone. Frankness of speech, kindness plus your interest in the interlocutor will be perceived as the best manners of courtesy, courtesy and cordiality.


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