Top 8 Innovative Tricks for Commercial Electricians

When it is about hiring a skilled industry personnel for any job, people are widely looking for the most experienced one. Experience plays an integral role in selecting the commercial electrician as well. It is an important aspect because everyone possesses unique style and skill in doing the job by saving a lot of time.

Even they have to face certain trade challenges that delay the finishing time of the task. Hence, we think that some handy tricks and tips are worth to share for making the task as much simpler and easier as it can be! Though there is an enlarge pool of electrician tips, here we have shared the most 8 innovative ones. Read on to know them.

  1. Prevent the insulation itchiness

If an electrician deals with the electrical issues on the walls’ habitable side, insulation itch becomes the first concern at that time. Before starting the job with the help of sawdust, proper eye protection and facial mask must be worn.

It is important because the stuff is highly itchy and can result in skin irritation even after wearing full-sleeves clothes with collar. Even you can apply the baby powder or cornstarch to the exposed skin. This additional protective layer will protect the skin from itching and irritation.

  1. Carry along a strong magnet

Entire building electrical task is about working beyond the ceilings and behind the walls. From tracing the old wires, installing of the new wiring system to lining in the dry walls you have lots more to do. This requires pointing out the exact place in the ceilings or walls by drawing any marks.

However, it can be daunting as you have to mark all the spots at first and then start with the job. But with the magnet the task can get easiest of all. It is so; because it can detect any ferrous components even through the lightweight building essentialities such as drywall, tile and walls. By using a magnet, you can;

  • Find out the studs

Stud finders are not so effective and run out of charge in hype moment. So, replace it with a small yet efficient magnetic piece as it will dangle any ferrous material behind the lightweight building components. It will also work when the surface is coated and it becomes difficult for the stud finder to perform.

  • Use it as the fishing guide

While fishing backside of the wall it will not go astray because you will definitely use heavy nut in the string for efficient pulling. The effectiveness can be doubled by a string magnet and the job will get done within the shortest time possible.

  • As the retrieval method

As you are continuously working within the small spaces, you can easily lose any tiny spare parts. It can reach the unreachable areas too and at that time magnet can be your helping hand if the lost object is ferrous. On the basis of the platform you are working use this string of magnet for sticking back the lost items and place it in the desired place.     

  1. Rather string use jack chain

Though strings are useful yet its soft fibres are sufficient to get caught on rough surfaces of unfinished wood or insulation. So, you are suggested fishing with the string. As fishing string need additional force jack chain can be your best companion in this prospect.

Its weight will allow it to slide easily over the obstacles. Its sturdiness offers the right pull without possessing any risk to the electrical connection.

  1. Velcro Tester Holster

Several electricians love to do the job alone and moreover they don’t take such biggest orders to work with other electricians collaboratively. But sometimes, you necessarily need 3rd or 4th hand to assist you in your electrical job. However, its solution comes with the common conundrum. It comprises of mounting nails, tape and many other essential tools for electrical task.

Cleverly, if you can sew the Velcro patch to your uniform then it will automatically become your additional pair of hands. Glue in the opposite textures helps in holding your personal belongings such as wrist-watch firmly while you are on work.

  1. Tidy the wiring of multiple switches

Whilst dealing with many switches, any complicated streamline can be managed by you to remove the clutter of wires. Interestingly, in this circumstances you don’t have to cut off the wires for developing the connection rather influence the shared connection within the switches.

Pig-tailing must be done carefully for switching the grounding wire. Then sheathing should be done by hooking the exposed area to connect the extended parts to the next switch. At last, you have to loop the wire clockwise around the screws for proper wiring system.

  1. Prior to boxing unsheathe the cables

In comparison to the popular practice, striping of the wires is really tougher than it seems. Therefore, sheathing of the wires is more efficacious instead putting it in the box.

Striping of the cable wires by this method is really time-saving before putting it out of the box. Always carry an additional slack so that it can be done in the most appropriate way to sheath the wires in the box.

  1. Replace the broken light bulb neatly

Broken light bulbs are problematic during any circumstances if it breaks in its sockets. It makes the unscrewing job merely possible due to the grasp of brittle broken glass. What a commercial electrician in London needs to do at that time is to replace the light bulb entirely. Take a metal tool for cleaning as much broken glass pieces as you can.

This will let you to get the bulb out of the socket. Then, place the new bulb in the socket by twisting it in the reverse way. This procedure will also make the socket ready to function by lighting the new bulb. The socket will be free from damaged parts and glass pieces at the same time.

  1. Use string for cutting the PVC in congested spaces

Whenever it becomes essential for cutting down PVC in the tight space, make use of string instead of hand saw. As these spaces are congested you cannot make space for handsaw to cut it down. On the other hand, PVC is made up of friction-equipped plastic that can be cut off easily with a string.

All you have to do is to make a loop of the string around the pipe and pull the alternative ends. If this process can be done quickly then combination of heat, friction and pressure makes the pipes to fall apart from the desired place.

As electricians have to work on the field service industry, several unique configurations are needed from the early attempts to follow for saving time. By acquiring constant tricks and tips, it helps the electrician to improve the trade along with their service quality.

Electric Works London is the leading electrical company that has a great skillful and experienced team of electricians. They make use of innovative tricks to perform the accurate electrical repair and installation in your property within the short span of time. To know more about our electrical services, click here.



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