How To Become A Successful Travel Blogger: Know Everything

successful travel blogger

Becoming a  successful travel blogger seems an extraordinary thought, but in execution, it can be an overpowering afire. Traveling to a destination, clicking a few good pictures, posting them on various social media posts, and earning from them is not that easy as it might sounds. To become a full-time successful travel blogger and earning the bacon from it is indeed challenging, but exciting at the same time.

A lot of fresh ideas and updated strategies are crucial to becoming one of the top in the concerned field because the idea of travel blogging is all about being persistent. If you are starting from scratch, a lot of challenges and excitements will come to your way; remember, success takes time and dedication.

If this article holds your attention till now, then we can understand your level of solemnity, you probably find your niche. Welcome to the travel blogging industry.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have worked with so many industry travel bloggers to meet the special requirements of brands.

Become A Successful Travel Blogger

In this article, we will highlight a few steps to becoming an affluent travel blogger. So, let’s get started.

Read a lot of Books

can-read-books to become successful travel blogger

Reading will help you a lot in developing your skills and thinking about traveling. It may sound orthodox, but it is actually effective, as mentioned by the industry’s successful travel bloggers. While traveling, you may face a lot of issues regarding your destination, sightseeing, booking, food, health, and so on. Reading will keep you motivated by opening new dimensions. As said by industry bloggers: blogging is like running a business; if you don’t come up with better and sustainable ideas, you may fail. Reading will help you in gaining knowledge for the execution of your travel blog. Your writing skill will also improve by reading popular books; it will also help you in exploring new things in your location, which you might overlook otherwise.

Invest some time on thinking

Before jumping on creating your blog content, invest some time thinking about how you want to represent your perspective in front of your audience, which destination you should consider for your first blog/ vlog, on which gadget you should invest, etc. Good planning has huge potential on your end product, whether it is writing or clicking and editing pictures or anything else. Utilize the time to plan your destination. Thoroughly check everything ticket price, hotel price, sightseeing, etc. Before hitting the particular location, make sure you have 360-degree theoretical knowledge about it.

Identify your audience

Sometimes would-be bloggers/ vloggers do not consider their audience while setting up their blog. According to the influencer marketing trend, every blogger should have a clear idea about their audience to resonate well with them. You must interact with your audience to build a loyal and sustainable relationship. The more you interact, the more brands will come to you with unique projects.

Improve your blog design

blog design for traveling blogger

Another important point that you should consider becoming a successful blogger is your blog design. If you yourself will design, it then searches what bloggers have done and what tend they are following. If you want to hire a designer, make him/ her understand your perspective.

This is Sivya Nath’s website outlook; she is a famous travel blogger in India who is pursuing her passion for the past 8 years. We absolutely love her website decoration. The idea is simple: keep it as minimalist as possible. Don’t forget to mention why you are going after this unique profession, add some motivating punch to make it more special. Let the world see your lifestyle. Also, provide highlights of your various destinations, couple your blog with nice videos to give it a more realistic approach. Keep a section of your achievements on your website, which keeps you stand out among others.

Sivya Nath’s website for successful travel blogger

Another worth mention successful travel blogger of this generation is Ankita Sinha, and the above picture is from her website; that is how it looks. The way she represents her website is worth appreciating, which keeps her audience coming back to her profile.

Browse more if you want to see how other blogger’s profiles look like, which will help you professionally decorate your own website and attract more viewers over time.

Build your network

Build your own network as successful travel blogger

It’s always good to talk with other travel bloggers if it is not for your own blog but for inspiration. First-hand information will always help you in making a better decision, besides its very motivating indeed. In the long term, bloggers of the same niche help each other to build a vast and sustainable network. Go solo but build your network for a stronger impact on your audience

Don’t Rush Behind Brands

In most cases, beginners give more emphasis on brand promotion or paid partnership more than solo travel for the sake of blogging. This approach is considered unprofessional by most brands. As a leading influencer marketing company in India, we have worked with various brands to meet their promotional requirements, from our personal experience we got to know brands don’t like to collaborate with some individual unless they achieve a strong ground on the first place. So, for a considerable amount of time, invest in traveling and creating bona fide blogs to increase your followers, brands, and other influencer marketing companies will eventually approach you for paid collaborations.

Invest in your gadgets

Invest in your gadgets

Needless to mention, to create great content, you need proper gadgets. Consider your visual requirements and go for the gadgets. If you are a beginner, want to check your luck in this profession then go for basic gadgets like a camera (DSLR), tripod, travel bag, proper attire, etc. If you already have experience in travel blogging, then you can invest in advanced gadgets like Mirrorless cameras, GoPro, etc. Remember, without proper equipment; you will not get the desired result for your blogging.

Be tenacious

In travel blogging, do not expect ROI immediately; you have to be patient to get the desired response. We all love sponsored trips, as a travel blogger, you may need to wait for a bit to get such a trip. Before that, you have started your own. According to studies, reading can make a person calmer; if you read a lot of books on travel and travel blogging, it will eventually help you in becoming tranquil about your passion.

Monetize your blog

blogger life

‘’How can I make money from my blog?’’ it is a common question that we face being a leading influencer marketing platform. To be practical, money won’t come quickly; here also you have to be patient. Keep a strict eye on your blog’s performance; check the Domain Authority (DA) frequently. Give more focus on building a loyal audience. Try to establish authentic backlinks, which will help in increasing the DA over time. If your DA crosses 40, it will easily attract more brands and products to your website. Naturally, you will get paid projects frequently. Try to make your blog a brand first; your blog will be your portfolio for future collaboration. If you love writing, you can be a freelance travel blog writer, which will help in polishing your writing skills for your own blog.

Be professional

Be professional as blogger

If you are serious about becoming a successful travel blogger, you must learn how to be professional in your niche. After making your blog popular, you can easily approach brands for paid collaborations. Write down a collaboration proposal, mark your deliverables, and most importantly, mention your charge. You will surely get a positive response to your blog. Don’t forget to leverage various social media platforms to popularize your blog. Make sure your blog has a strong existence in Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Also, explore various other social media platforms. Share your blog in various blogging platforms like Tumblr, Medium, etc. it will give your blog more exposure.

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