QuickBooks Error Code 6123 – How To Fix Quickly

QuickBooks error Code 6123

The Quickbooks Error Code 6123 occurs while the users are updating company files to a newly released model of QuickBooks computer, or while restoring a backup, or getting access to a file located on some other computer. On this weblog put up, we will proportion three unique answers to fix the QuickBooks 6123 errors. Since the purpose of the error may also vary for users, it can end up hard to predict the right solution that could observe in your case. The exceptional process might be to start with the first answer. If that doesn’t give you the results you want, move to the following solution and so forth.

Solutions to restore QuickBooks Error Code 6123

Solution 1: – Installation of all settings manually by using renaming the .nd and .tlg files.

The file title sizes:– .nd and .tlg may be unknown to you however they are part of QuickBooks files. Those files include the configuration and settings required to open QuickBooks in multi-person surroundings.

Whilst the .nd and .tlg documents grow to be corrupt due to some reason, it could bring about QuickBooks 6123 errors. An easy way to repair this issue is to rename those files. There is no damage in renaming those files because it does not cause any information loss. In reality, when you use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to resolve the files, those files could be robotically created. Right here are the steps to rename the .nd and .tlg files.

  • Drive to the circular having your user’s data.
  • In the subsequent step, you have to search for files with the extension .nd and tlg. Ensure those files have identical names as your business enterprise files, including:
  • (business call _data).qbw.nd OLD
  • (business name _data).qbw .tlg OLD
  • Now, right-click on the files and pick the Rename choice.
  • To distinguish files, upload “old” or another phrase of your preference at the end of the document. Take into account you need to upload the word to the extension and now not the file called.
  • (business enterprise call _file).qbw.tlg.Antique.
  • Open QuickBooks and sign up on your organization document. If the error persists, flow to the next solution.

Solution 2: – Find the set-up of the folder Permissions 

QuickBooks software is start-up the errors 6123 is considered the files of the company. In that case, setting up proper folder permissions ought to solve the error. Right here are the stairs to set proper folder permissions:

  • Proper-click the folder where the company file is positioned and choose properties.
  • Inside the house’s window, click on the safety tab and then click advanced
  • Choose QB DataService User XX after which click on Edit choice
  • Make positive the succeeding settings are set to Allowed:
  • Traverse Execute Data.
  • Preparing Folder/research files.
  • Create documents/Write statistics.
  • Build Append information.
  • Write Attributes.
  • Print extended Properties.
  • Check Acceptance.

If you see the folder settings are not set to “Allowed”, you want to make adjustments to the folder permissions with the aid of following the steps given below:

  • Press windows emblem key and E concurrently at the keyboard to open file Explorer.
  • Navigate to the folder in which the business enterprise document is placed.
  • Right-click on the folder and choose the options and press home.
  • Within the properties window, visit the protection tab and pick out absolutely everyone.
  • If all people’s alternative is not indexed, you want to feature it.
  • Click on upload and sort all and sundry inside the container.
  • Click ok.
  • Choose a complete control alternative.
  • Click track later which clicks good suitable to off the window.

Right here is a listing of the folders whose permissions need to be set to full control.

  • C:software Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8
  • C:software Data\Intuit\Entitlement Clientv\60
  • C:software Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v5
  • C:program DataI\ntuit\Entitlement Client\v3
  • C:program Data\Intuit\Entitlement client
  • C:program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks organization solutions X.0 (X = version) .
  • C:program Data\COMMON FILES\INTUIT
  • C:Users\Public\Public Documents\IntuitQuickBooks\FAMXX (XX = 12 months)
  • C:Users\Public\Public Documents\IntuitQuickBooks\Company documents.
  • C:Users\Public\Public Documents\IntuitQuickBooks\Sample enterprise FilesQuickBooks corporation solutions X.Zero (X = model) or C:UsersPublicPublic Documents\Intuit\QuickBooksSample corporation Files\QuickBooks 20XX (where XX = year)

After you’ve got modified the folder permissions, open QuickBooks and signal into your enterprise file. If the error remains unresolved, pass to the next solution.

Solution 3:– Flow the company file to a brand new vicinity

If the route of the folder in which your business company file is positioned is just too lengthy or complex, the software program would possibly have a problem having access to it. A simple way to this hassle is moving the organization file to a brand new region. You may strive to copy the file to the computer and notice if it resolves the problem. Right here are the steps to comply with:

  • Navigate to the folder where your organization report is placed
  • Seek files that have the same document name as your organization call however with .qbm extension.
  • Right-click on the option and then Press on the option copy.
  • Drive to the system methods. Right-click everywhere at the system and click Paste.
  • Maintain down the Ctrl key and open QuickBooks. This may take you to No users Open window.
  • Choose the agency files that you had copied to the Quickbooks Desktop.
  • If the error disappears, you may finish that there was a hassle with the path of the folder where the organization report changed into earlier placed. To withdraw this type of error save QuickBooks files data to a folder in the system.


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