Camping Accessories for dogs

Dogs make a good companion for camping and other sorts of adventures. This breed is teeming with energy and in fact, they love the great outdoor views like us. Well, like you would be carrying clothes and all those accessories, the same goes for your dog. As a dog owner, you would have to carry all those essentials and camping accessories that will make your adorable pets comfortable than ever. To helo you out, we have jotted down the camping accessories that you will need for your dogs before hitting the trails and venturing into the wilderness.

  • First Aid Pet Kit – Humans and dogs have different needs, there is no wonder why you would need a different first aid kit for your dog. Your dog will need different supplies and medication than you use. While you would have packed a first-aid kit for yourself, no doubt, you would have forgotten it for your dog. So, make sure to stash a pet-dedicated first-aid kit to assist your dog in times of emergency. While camping, you would find their paws hurting, you would need band-aid to treat those deep gashes. A good first aid kit will have everything included – from bandages to pain pills.

  • Dog Leash – While you are packing to go on a camping trip with your adorable pet, don’t forget to carry a dog leash with you. Most of the parks and campgrounds will permit you to bring your dog but you would need a dog leash with you so that you don’t enter others’ campsites. In case, you want to check it on something, you would need a dog leash to keep it safe. A dog leash in another must-have accessory while you are camping with your dog. You will be able to find a dog leash that is robust and sturdy enough for your dog.

  • A Dog Collar – Dogs are a rare breed that is quite impulsive. A little distracting noise and you will find them derailing off the track. So, it is a good idea to let your dog wear a dog collar that will bear the name of the owner, his contact number, campsite so that any camper who finds it, will be able to contact the dog owner. There are different types of dog collars that you can find in the market. You can buy an illuminating dog collar that will light up always and is visible from a distance. On top of that, the GPS enabled dog collar will keep a track of its whereabouts and you will be able to locate wherever he having fun.

  • A dog bed – If there is anything that we want from a camping trip is every bit of comfort. While you would be carrying mattresses for a comfortable sleep at night, it is a good idea to carry an outdoor dog bed for your dog. These dog beds are designed to offer every bit of comfort that the hard ground lacks. An elevated dog bed will offer your pet a little breeze at night. Unlike the ground, it won’t impact his joints, ankles and paws. A good dog bed will every your dog a comfortable and cool spot to sleep when you are camping during the peak of the summer season.

  • A cooling vest – Have you ever poured cold water over your head? You would know how refreshing it feels. While camping during the summer season, the rays of the sun become intolerable for dogs as well. That’s when you will need a cooling vest for your adorable pet that will take off all the moisture from his body and will make it more refreshing. Depending upon the size of your dog, you can take your pick.


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