Keyboard Drawer for Placing the Accessories and for Right Posture

As the usage of computer has increased, the market is also offering various accessories keeping in mind the need and requirement of computer users. We spend long working hours at desk and thus it is utmost necessary to give attention to right ergonomics. From the monitor, mouse and keyboard related accessories are available in the market to provide ease of working and to eliminate health issues due to long usage of computers.

Ensures Best Typing Posture for User Comforts

In the market keyboard drawers or trays are available, the basic purpose of this product is to ensure our wrists are positioned straight for best position of typing

While choosing keyboard drawer, we should consider following key aspects:

  • Style: Whether the office desk can accommodate it?
  • Workspace: How is your placement of furniture at the workstation?
  • Adjustability: Whether you require an adjustable type of platform?

If the answer is yes, definitely you need keyboard tray.

The setup of workstation is also important aspect to be look into, and to match the different kind of workstation setup like corner computer type desk, L shape workstation or a standard type straight desk and the range of keyboard tray can suite any kind of workstation configurations. Most of the keyboard tray has adjustable feature which allows to position the keyboard at an appropriate and comfortable height as well as appropriate angle. The models are from sleek to extra wide range for multi benefit purpose.

An intelligent solution for workplace

The product range of keyboard tray is huge with different type of materials, model and features. Keyboard Drawer offered by a few brands have imported slides, made in plastic or metal, fitted with basic Pencil Holder and optional ergonomic mouse tray and soft pad.

Let us look at some of unique feature of keyboard tray

  • Has unique angled option for hand rest so as to protect from fatigue while on work.
  • The ball bearings are provided for smooth noise-free movement
  • Tray for Mouse Pad can be retracted either on right or left
  • On the mounting bracket, height can be adjusted.
  • Latches are provided in removable drawer models
  • Can handle load up to 12 kg.
  • Easy for both to install and for uninstallation
  • Makes perfect position of elbow and arm up to 90* angle.
  • Height adjustable desk so no need to bend or put pressure on yourself.
  • Ensure efficiency and flexibility while working for even long hours
  • Keyboard switch which allows to keep the mouse at right position.

A Keyboard Tray is an essential product for computer user as it maintains the perfect position while sitting or standing mode at the time of working. We don’t need to lean or bend as per desk level or placement of laptop and can easily adjust as per our convenience.

Author’s Bio:

Mr. Brayden Brennan is IT and Administration Head in multinational company. He mentions that demand of Keyboard drawer has grown over the year in corporates. Considering the physical health well-being, even individuals are ready to spend on this product.

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