How to Choose Right Yoga Teacher Training for You

In today’s era, no one is free from stress. And Yoga is the best antidote to our hectic life schedules. Our jam-packed schedule at times blocks our happiness and takes us away from peace. Thus, practicing yoga gives us a soothing effect striking a balance between our spiritual and physical health.

The word yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word know as Yuji which means union. The practice of yoga is dated from ancient times. It’s a form of exercise that brings mind and body together. Yoga nowadays is the most preferable form of exercise due to many reasons. Yoga is a combination of Exercises, poses, breathing and meditation. All four factors clubbed together to give a dynamic result. It’s an open secret that performing correct poses in yoga helps us giving more fruitful results. Like anything else yoga too needs a good trainer. When being monitored one performs yoga in a best possible way. All we need to know about our vicinity well so that we should know about reliable training centers for yoga.

One of the most tedious tasks in which training is best suitable. As concern for one’s health is rising, we all want the best services for us. We may find n number of yoga centers near us but to choose the best one is not a cakewalk. A skilled trainer is always required as yoga is something that needs supervising. When we step out of our dwellings we may see many advertisements claiming 100% results, but how can we believe in plain statements as yoga is a practice that has the audacity to transform one’s life inside out when it comes to our health we should not compromise at any cost.

As we all are aware of the term called “chakras”. Chakras are also known as the spinning wheel in English. Yoga works inside out. Along with bringing solace in our lives, yoga open all chakras. There are seven chakras in our body. Yogic practices tap into the seven chakras altering the inner reality. These seven chakras are connected to the various glands and organs of the body. Crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and base.

Several dos and don ts before selecting a good yoga training-

  • Make sure your yoga training certified. Many people void of knowledge do a lot of damage. A well-certified trainer has the knowledge and will help you help and transform yourself.
  • Make sure the training center is reputed and hold excellent records. Picking up a random training center should be a big no. As it directly involves playing with ones health.
  • The training centre should have a proper regimen. Time slots properly spread over a month or a year.
  • Training centre should have a yoga alliance. Yoga Alliance has the following requirements for 200-hour programs:
  • Anatomy
  • Asana/Alignment
  • Prop use and modifications
  • Sequencing
  • Philosophy
  • Meditation
  • Meditation
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Teaching practice
  • Yoga Teacher Training is not at all inexpensive. It doesn’t matter what is the duration of the course, it’s still going to dig a hole in your pocket. Your training  cost can depend on various factors such as on-site or off-site housing, meal plan, guest teachers, materials, special workshops, a business of yoga training, etc.

Places like Bali, Mexico and Nepal are quite famous for yoga and therapies. Nepal has beautiful geography surrounded by mountains. The yoga teacher training Nepal is worth consideration. Practices of yoga and massages are quite active in such places. Clients are always satisfied with their services.


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