Creative Valentine Gift Ideas to Surprise your Husband

Valentine’s Day is the best time to express to your partner how much you love and appreciate them. Consider it the only official day to celebrate the feeling of love. That is why this day is celebrated by people all around the world on 14th February every year. Everyone celebrates it in their own way, and by everyone, I mean mostly couples. Some like to make the celebration grand by organizing fancy dates, while the other lot believes in keeping it simple by exchanging gifts for valentines day and spending time with each other. 

Though people claim that there should be no particular day, and love should be celebrated every day. But one simply cannot miss celebrating this day because it is like a festival for lovers. Whatever your idea of celebration might be, you can impress your husband just by presenting him a gift. 

Don’t you think that it is easy to impress a man with gifts because men generally don’t receive many. You know, men are more of practical creatures, so I would advise you to look for gifts that are not only pretty and stuff but serve a purpose as well. So, here is a list of gifts that are creative enough to surprise your husband. 

Scratch off world map

Wouldn’t you like to explore the world with your partner? No, I’m not asking you to book tickets for a world tour (though that would be a great idea). But there is something that is relatable but can be on a budget. It is a scratch-off world map. This map lets you scratch off the places you’ve been to. This will keep your husband motivated to book tickets and always remain on the go. Hang this map at a place where he gets the sight of it every day. This will remind him of new adventures. 

Tile pro

Do you know what the most irritating part of having a bad memory is? It’s misplacing the things you need and not finding them. Well, not anymore because, with the tile pro, Problem solved. Here is a device that will help you keep track of your things and never have to waste time finding them. If your husband has a bad memory, tell him to attach this tile pro that is Bluetooth enabled tracker on his easy to loose objects. Then he can use the related app that makes the tile ring when it’s nearby. This will cut the stress 

Personalized wallet

Next gift that will not impress him but will also prove to be useful for him. It is a leather wallet. Now, you must be wondering what is so unique about a wallet, right? So let me tell you that I’m not talking about any ordinary one, but this is a personalized version that has your husband’s name printed. It is available in brown, black, and grey color, and it showcases his name or initials or monogram may be, on the outside. Also, on the inside, you can get a message engraved about why you love him so much. 

Map whiskey glass

Is he a whiskey fan? Then you just found an ideal gift for him. It is whiskey glasses. If he is a true fan, then he might already own a variety of them, but this one adds an edge to his collection because these are map whiskey glasses. Each glass comes with a map etched on it and is really fancy looking. These glasses will double the fun and help him enjoy his whiskey on the rocks in style. 

Have a look at the list that contains gifts for your husband. Oh, and don’t forget to take a valentine cake along, as it totally serves the purpose of celebration. 


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