What Is The Recovery Time for All on 4 Dental Implants Procedure?

all on 4 dental implants recovery time

In this article, we will discuss All on 4 Dental Implants recovery time, and how this new and advanced dental procedure will help you to look much better

Dental implants have attained greater success in the recent years by improving overall appearance and confidence level of people. When you suffer from the problem of misaligned or crooked teeth, chances are you will feel embarrassed to meet new people and attend social gatherings. This new and advanced dental procedure will help you to look much better and it can be done at an affordable price. But some patients have the fear that the surgery will require longer time for recovery than it is actually expected. Those fears of Pros and Cons may discourage them from performing life changing methods such as all on 4 implants which can:

  • Improve your overall wellbeing
  • Facilitate natural eating
  • Boost oral hygiene
  • Artificial teeth looks like natural teeth

What should you know about all on 4 implants?

All on 4 implants is a procedure that can help in replacing a complete row of the teeth. In this method, the four implants will be inserted into the jawbone and an entire row of teeth is then attached to the implants.

How many surgeries will be needed for all on 4 implants?

There are some dental procedures that take place in different stages and patients can endure different healing and recovery periods. Someone who needs to undergo dental implants may require bone grafting and will possibly have to perform various surgeries.

In case of all n 4, the procedure is done in three consecutive days. There are not many stages and each will have recovery timing that may end in getting the implant done successfully. Rather, all on 4 implants will be put in place and the new row of teeth is then attached. There is only one block of recovery time, after which you can achieve your beautiful and functional set of teeth.

How will all on 4 recovery timing be compared to other implants procedure?

Other types of dental implants need bone grafting that can stabilize the tissue of your jawbone. There can be some discomfort and pain which can improve your overall quality of life and the recovery process may continue for several months.

For all on 4 implants, you will not need bone grafting and the recovery timing will be shorter. After the procedure is done, the affected area gets swollen while your body recovers and this may last for almost three days only.

How is the recovery for all on 4 implants painful?

It is a common misapprehension that the recovery from all on 4 implants is painful. You may suffer from severe ache for a few days from the swelling though the discomfort is much lower in comparison to other implants procedure.

The discomfort and pain that occurs from the surgery may be treated effectively by taking ibuprofen, paracetamol or strong painkillers, when needed.

What should you expect while recovering from all on 4 implants?

The recovery time from all on 4 implants is straightforward when compared with the traditional implants. As the implants need to be inserted into your jawbone, you may expect some soreness and swelling for the next few days. This will subside gradually and you will be left with improved teeth and better look within three days at the most. It is suggested that the patients take one or two days off from their work after performing the surgery. This will allow them to take proper rest and remain hydrated during this time.

Can there be any delay to recovery process for all on 4 implants?

Most all on 4 implants surgeries have attained great success and people have been able to improve their overall appearance. Since a lot of time is being spent for proper planning and fitting of the implants, minor adjustments may be required which won’t postpone the recovery timing. It is suggested that you talk to your dentist and know how to attain quick recovery from the procedure so that you can boost your confidence level.

Thus, it is advised that you consult with your dental surgeon and know how all on 4 dental implants procedure can help to solve your oral problems and get it done successfully. This way, you will feel better after the treatment and smile with confidence like before.


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