What Is Involved In A Full Service Interior Design?

Full Service Interior Design

At Emily June Designs, one of our specialties is full-service interior design. But just what does the said full-service interior design entail? This article has the answer.

Defining full-service interior design

Full-service interior design is best described as a package where the interior designers handle all (or most) of the work, in the design project – from conceptualization right up to finish – on the client’s behalf.

It may happen within the context of full house interior design. Or it may happen within the context of only styling a specific space within the house.

Thus full service interior design exists in contrast to what may be referred to as limited service (or a la carte) interior design, in which the interior designers only handle certain aspects of the design project on behalf of the client.

With that basic definition of full-service interior design, we can now sink deeper to see what exactly it entails.

What full-service interior design entails

As stated in the definition, full-service interior design usually starts at conceptualization and runs right up to the finishing stage. In between, there are aspects like those of creating floor plans and drawings, procuring the necessary materials for the project, making the necessary space arrangements (and installations), and finally, handing over the properly styled space to our client.

As noted earlier, all this may be within the context of full house interior design. Or it may be in the context of only styling a specific space (say, the living room, dining room, reading room, or any other space) within a house.

We will now proceed to look at what each of the aspects of full-service interior design entails at more length.


This simply involves establishing the interior design final result to aim for, and how to achieve it. In all interior design projects, one always has to start with the end in mind. Proper conceptualization makes it possible for us, working hand in hand with you (as our client) to do exactly that.

Your input at the conceptualization stage will usually be that of telling us how you want your space to look, by the end of the project. Our output at this stage is to offer you consultation on how exactly that end result would be achievable. We also get to discuss with you what may be required, in order to make that end look possible, and come to a good agreement.

Whether yours is a full house interior design project or an interior design project confined to just one specific area of the house, proper conceptualization is key. It is the starting point for the full-service interior design package.

After the conceptualization stage, and especially once we understand the exact end result you desire, you may delegate most of the rest of the work in the project to us. We should be able to do the rest for you. That is what our full-service interior design package is all about.

Creating floor plans and drawings

Once we have an understanding of the end result you want to get from the interior design project, we get onto the physical aspects of the work. Usually, this will start with us taking measurements within the space that requires styling. That is followed by the creation of floor plans and drawings, in line with the interior design concept we are working on.

The floor plans and drawings we come up with are the roadmaps to guide us in the subsequent parts of the project.

So that is another thing we do for you, as our client, in the context of a full-service interior design package.

Procuring the necessary materials (if any)

The necessary materials in question here may range from simple wall hangings to floor tiles, paints, and new furniture. This is also the point at which we procure the services of tradespeople (like tiling experts, wall painters, and possibly even plumbers) whose help will be needed in the project.

Taping into our expertise, experience, and industry linkages, we are able to figure out with ease where and how to procure most of the project requirements.

This procurement aspect is also key in any full-service interior design package.

Making the necessary space arrangements, rearrangements, and installations

In order to achieve the end result you desire, we often have to rearrange the items within the space that is being styled in certain ways. Further, we may have to undertake some painting work, tilling, installation of accessories (such as wall hangings), and so on. It can even get to the point of changing door locations, broadening windows, and other such works. The floor plans and drawings we created earlier come in handy at this stage, as roadmaps.

We handle all aspects of such arrangements, rearrangements, and installations on your behalf, as part of our full-service interior design package.

The end result is a space that looks just the way you wanted it to look. That is the end result, whether this was a full house interior design project or one confined to just one part of the house.

Handing over the properly styled space

This is where we present to you the end result of the full-service interior design project. So it is the ‘client reveal’ moment: where we unveil the final product to you. If there are further additions, alterations, or touches you may want.  we still complete those for you too: ultimately giving you a truly satisfactory full-service interior design end result.

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