How to Increase Organic Traffic for a Website?

Increase Organic Traffic to a Website

Some believe that Pay-per-click advertisement and search engine optimization might do the trick. However, there are plenty of other things that you need to do in order to increase organic traffic for a website. 

Businesses today need to be innovative in order to attract and retain consumers. Today, the biggest challenge for any business is to ensure that when people search for a product or service provided by you, they need to find you, instead of your competitor.

Fortunately, most of methods to boost organic traffic for a website are free of cost. All you would need is to invest your time.

Increase Organic Traffic for a Website, What should do or what don’t?

Optimize the Content for Readers, instead of Search Engines

Start with writing your buyer personas. This would give you an idea about your target audience. When you create quality educational content that resonates with your ideal buyers, you are naturally improving the SEO of your website.

In other words, you need to tap into the main issue of your personas and use keywords that they would use in search queries. Focusing mainly on content optimization for search engines is not worth the effort and time. All you would end up with is keyword-riddled nonsense. This would definitely have a negative impact on the user.

Once you please your buyer personas, you will automatically end up pleasing the search engine.

Blog Regularly

Another effective and efficient way to improve your organic site traffic is to blog regularly. Searches indicate that regular blogging has a positive impact on users, they stay more connected to your website and products.

Blogging lets you go in more depth in comparison to what your website allows. Moreover, it lets you create a large catalog of helpful, persona-optimized content that mainly centers on your market niche. However, do bear in mind that poorly written content would cause more harm to your website than it would do it good.

Therefore, avoid badly written and uninformative content. Ensure the quality of the content!

Plug Into the Blogosphere

The blogosphere is another great technique. It basically is to read, comment, and link to other people’s blogs and websites that are operating in your particular market. They will hopefully read, comment, and link to yours, thus attracting more consumers.

For starters, you can always use QUORA. You will be surprised by the impact the website can make when used wisely. Spend some time answering people’s questions, and provide them with valuable, real and tangible insights for the areas that you excel in.

Long-Tail Keywords

Instead of choosing the popular keywords in the market, use keywords that better define your product and services. It might take time, but eventually Google and other search engines would identify your blog or website as a destination for a particular topic. This then would not only help customers find you but at the same time, it would boost your content in search ranking.

increase organic traffic using long tail keyword

NOTE: In order to get a ranking on Google, you need to have a sphere of influence for a certain topic or niche. For instance, in this blog post, we are targeting those people who are interested in learning how to generate organic traffic. We are not targeting every keyword that is related to Search Engine Optimization.

Get Your Meta Down

When it comes to optimizing blog posts and web pages, the three key ingredients are

  • Description
  • URL
  • Meta Title

There is no denying the importance of on-page SEO factors to increase organic traffic for a website. However, you can convey to Google what you are talking about using the Metadata and Meta descriptions. There are several tools that you can rely on for ensuring the right ingredients. For example

Create and Maintain Content Quality

Regular writing and publishing are imperative. However, here quality is more important than quantity. Instead of uploading crappy articles every day, you can stick to three or four quality blog posts every week.

After all having quality content including blog posts, articles, and thought leadership, on your blog or website would create opportunities for generating organic traffic.

Don’t Ignore Internal Links

Sometimes, we tend to pay little or no heed to insert internal links in our content. However, we need to understand that they hold great importance. Having a decent back catalog of content allows you to link your users to other relevant content present on your website.

This would make the user stay on your website for a longer period, thus it would have a positive impact on the search engine ranking.


As we know that, There is to achieve the top rank on SERP to increase organic traffic for a website. But How Google algorithms work, exactly. There is no evidence. Yes, Some good practices of such as discus above, can help to rank on the SERPs. We can say this because many SEO Expert follows this practice as well.

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