Should We Use Phone Wireless Charging? Pros & Cons of Wireless Charging

phone wireless charger

Are you looking to buy a wireless charger for your lovable smartphone? The phone wireless charger becomes popular in recent years but before going to purchase and gadget you should know the Pros and Cons of the device. Every year due to technological advancement we all see many high-tech gadgets such as wireless Bluetooth, speaker, headphones, power bank, and iPhone XR charger port.

Use of Wireless Charger for Smartphone

Today smartphone is an integral part of our life and without a battery, our phone is just a useless box. The battery is like oxygen for our iPhone life. This example is sufficient to tell you about the importance of the iPhone battery. In this 21 century, our lifestyle is too busy and we all want to do work smartly. Our smartphone helps us to do our all personal or professional tasks in a couple of minutes. If we use some smart cell phone accessories then we are able to do work more easily and smoothly. If we want to take proper benefits of these smart devices then we have to do some research about these products. No doubt, every gadget has some advantages and disadvantages but if we get more benefits then we can ignore few disadvantages.  

In this article, we are going to discuss the pro and cons of wireless charging. After reading this blog post you will feel confident and comfortable planning to buy the wireless charger.

Pros of Wireless Charging:

  1. Charging More Gadgets:

If you buy a big wireless charging pad it will allow you to charge any device at the same time. It is a real advantage over the wired charger. Using a wired charger user can use a single iPhone XR charger port for his device. Today in this world nobody who doesn’t use a smartphone from student to professional level all are using this device to do daily life tasks. In our family, as we know all have a smartphone and their charger but if we use a wireless charger the entire family member can charge their gadget at the same time.

  1. Safety:

Safety is a major factor that we all need for our devices as well as for us. Wireless charger provides us safety from power surges and any electrical damage issues. Without using an adapter we can do the charging of our smartphone. There will be no wear and tear problems that occur when we do repeatedly plugging and unplugging of the charger. Due to there is not any kind of electrical contact during charging there is no possibility of corrosive moisture and oxygen.

  1. Overcome Overheating and Battery Damage Issues:

This is the common issue that every smartphone users face that when they charge their phone it becomes overheat and damages the battery. Due to these issues, they have to go for battery replacement and repair stores. It is so hectic and irritating when you are doing some important task and your smartphone battery not working properly. If you also face this issue then now wireless charger resolve these problems. These wireless chargers are so smart whenever your phone gets fully charged they stop charging and there is no issue of overheating. 

  1. Convenience:

It is so convenient to charge your phone battery using a wireless charger. Due to these benefits, these day youth lean toward wireless charging. There is no need to think about cords to charge your smartphone. These cords no need to deal with messy cables. If your phone support wireless charging then just put your precious device on a wireless pad and relax.

  1. Durability:

When we do charging with wired cable on regular basis there is the issue of durability. Many times we plug and unplug our charger it will create wear and tear problems. Charging cords start to damage after some usage but in the case of a wireless charger there is no need to worry. Wireless chargers are more durable compare to wire chargers. Even it is used to charge fast you all kind of gadgets.

Cons of Wireless Charging:

  1. Additional Expense:

We all know that while purchasing a phone we get a charging adapter even our phone supporting wire or wireless charger. But if a user wants to use a wireless charger then he or she must purchase and it is an additional expense. It will hamper the user’s budget because we know that a smartphone is an expensive gadget. For purchasing a wireless charger users have to manage more money.

  1. Charging Alignment:

It is a crucial point because if there is a wrong alignment of your device you can’t able to charge your phone. If your Smartphone’s alignment is not proper then charging is disconnected and your phone’s battery doesn’t charge at all. So while using this wireless charging you should aware of the proper alignment of your device on the charging pad.

  1. Unable to use the Phone while Charging:

When we do charging with a wired charger we can use our smartphone but in the case of wireless charging, you can’t able to use your device. You have to put your device on a charging pad so it is impossible to charge and use at the same time while charging. 

  1. Portability:

There is also a portability issue in the wireless charger we can’t able to carry the charging station in our bag. In the case of a wired charger, we can easily put it in our pocket and bag. If we have a wireless charging station we have to buy a backpack to move around. It is such hectic for the user who carries their wired charger every time in their bag. We all know that every year smartphone comes with more battery backup but as our demands are increasing we feel these backup also less. We always carry our charger and power bank but in the case of a wireless charger presently it is not possible to take it from one place to another.

  1. Prevalence:

Presently there are large numbers of wired charger user and if we forget our charger we can get it easily. In college, we take it from friends and in the office from our colleagues but issue of wireless charger. Just think that if our phone support wireless charging and you want to charge your phone then who will provide you wireless charger pad at college or office?  No doubt, Year after year these smartphone accessory users are increasing but if you are planning to buy today then you have to think about it.

Final Words

I am hoping that after reading this blog post you will get all answer to you to question that you have before reading. The information in this post will truly help you to make a perfect decision to buy the money-worth gadget. After all your money and time is so precious. You know that our local markets are fully packed with these smart devices such as wireless Bluetooth, speaker, headphone, power bank, and iPhone XR charger port. So it is difficult to decide which one is best to buy. In this digital world, you can purchase them from the local market and online with a single tap of your finger on your smartphone. We all want to use expensive gadgets after purchasing for the long term. Today our all-important tasks depend on these smart devices so we have to be patient and cautious before plan to buy them.


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