Types of Featured Snippets You Will Come Across in 2020

The partial explanation or answer that shows up at the top of your search results is a featured snippet. These are a small section from the page that has ranked #0 in the eyes of Google. Different types of queries will require different formats of answers, and thus there are different types of featured snippets.

Paragraph Featured Snippets

These are the staple snippet that has been answering your questions. They are a small section of a page. They are not exactly the first few lines from that page but a section that, according to Google, best answers your questions.

You will come across these types of featured snippets when your search is a question and not just keywords. Professionals use this opportunity and create FAQ pages that answer many in one single page. Doing this a single page can rank #0 for several queries.

Bulleted List Featured Snippet

When you search best of lists, top list, ranked items and similar statements, you get a bulleted list snippet. These are very useful to rank high for many items with the same page.

Bulleted List snippets also show a compressed view of the featured content by formatting the headings of a list post into bullet points. The CTA improves drastically when the viewer can see what they are about to find in the content.

Number List Featured Snippet

Though a number list and a bulleted seen similar, these two types of featured snippets have different purposes. Number lists depict results that involve several steps in it. Google shows these snippets when the searcher is looking for a guide to follow.

You will find number list snippet appear when you search for queries like “how to wash a cat?” or “steps to baking a cake”. The image below shows the search result for “steps to changing a tire”.


Table Featured Snippet

Any content that can be shown in rows and columns can achieve a table snippet in Google search. Google does not just copy and paste the table that you have in your content. They format it according to what they deem is easy to understand.

These types of feature snippets are more ambiguous. You cannot predict which content will end up represented as a table snippet and which will not. The key is to incorporate an adequate amount of data in your content. This is the situation when professional content writing services come handy. As you can see the featured snippet for “2020 car sales brand” shows-

list Snippets

Whereas, when you click on the link, you see this.


Youtube Featured Snippets

Sometimes just descriptions or steps are not enough. Google then shows feature snippets from outside data sources as well. Youtube videos are the most common external data source that Google uses as a featured snippet. You can get such featured snippets when you are searching for a particular process or steps to something very critical.

Youtube Featured Snippets

This is a featured snippet for the search “steps to start a computer”. You might think this is not critical at all. But think from a little kid’s perspective. This short video will be more helpful than a list of steps for him.

Sometimes Google will also use video descriptions to answer queries.

Youtube Featured Snippets

Google’s primary goal is to provide users with accurate search results. If you can provide that, your page can also become a part of one of these types of featured snippets. Frame your content with precise and helpful information. Google never ignores a good source of information and features it eventually.

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