10 Amazing Health Benefits of Carom Seeds Should Know!

The carom seeds or ajwain is one of the common spice and easily available in our kitchen household.  The carom seeds are added in Indian cuisines due to its pungent taste, smell, flavor, and its nutritional benefits. The carom seeds are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Due to its medicinal properties, carom seeds are also one of the main ingredients in traditional medicines. 

There are many health benefits of carom seeds, but if you are unaware of its benefits, then this article is for you! Why wait for! Just scroll down the article and learn the amazing health benefits of carom seeds now!

What are the incredible health benefits of carom seeds?

Here, we have compiled a few health benefits of carom seeds which is the reason you should never miss to add in your diet or chew them without fail. Yes! Let’s find out how it benefits your health:

1. Ajwain seeds are great for flatulence and indigestion. The presence of thymol in carom seeds aids in the release of gastric juice from the stomach and helps to speed up the digestion process. Here we are explaining how to use ajwain seeds. All you need to do is boil ajwain seeds in water and wait till it is reduced to half. Filter the solution and add a pinch of salt before consuming it. This helps in relieving flatulence, nausea, stomach pain, and beats indigestion. If you have any of the above-listed symptoms for a longer time, then consult the doctor immediately. Your doctor may check the underlying cause and if required may prescribe the medicine to ease the symptom. Order your prescription medicines from a reliable online medical shop and get them delivered directly at your doorstep. 

2. Including carom seeds in the diet help to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. Hence, it helps us to protect from cardiovascular diseases.

3. The thymol in the carom seeds helps to lower blood pressure, thereby reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. 

4. The carom seeds help to fight against developing sores present in the esophagus, small intestines, and stomach. Just throw a few carom seeds while preparing curries, or add to the rotis.

5. Regular use of carom seeds helps to improve respiratory symptoms and treats coughs. If you are suffering from a severe cough, then never delay, visit the doctor immediately. If medicines are prescribed to ease the symptoms, then order the prescription medicines from a trusted online medicine site at the comfort of your home and avail amazing medicine discount on every order you place.

6. Ajwain oil helps to ease earache and tooth pain. Just add a few drops of ajwain oil in your ears if you are suffering from ear pain. Gargling lukewarm water boiled with ajwain and salt may get good relief from toothache.

7. Ajwain water help to enhance metabolism and aids in losing weight. 

8. Including ajwain seeds helps in halting pre-mature greying of hair.

9. Applying the paste of ajwain on the face helps to lighten the acne scars.

 10. Adding ajwain seeds in the diet helps to relieve inflammation, redness, and ease arthritis pain in the body. In addition, All you need to do is apply ajwain paste on the affected area and after some time wash it off with warm water. 

Last Words

The carom seeds are magical! Include these small rounded exotic ajwain seeds in your diet as the seeds possess antioxidant, antimicrobial, antihypertensive, and hypolipidemic properties. So, Throw them and enjoy its amazing benefits! 

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