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Super P Force is a drug for two birds with one stone

People who say, “I don’t get hard enough with an erection,” or “I can’t keep my erection,” may have ED (erection dysfunction). Therefore, this time we will introduce the mechanism of Super P Force and typical initial symptoms, so please use it for self-check.

What are the symptoms of ED?

ED (erectile dysfunction) refers to a condition in which satisfactory sexual activity is not possible due to insufficient or unsustainable erection. The main symptoms range from “no erection at all” to “unsustainable erection” or “not hard enough with an erection.” Therefore, even if you are not aware of ED, you may still have ED.

When the brain senses sexual stimulation, and the stimulus is usually transmitted to the p*nis of the male genitals through nerves, the sponge-like tissue called the hollow body of the Super p Force expands and stores blood, which significantly expands and hardens. I will erect. At that time, “cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate)” has an important function. cGMP is produced by sexual stimulation and is said to have the effect of relaxing the cavernous muscle of the penis.

The muscles that cGMP works to loosen allow blood to flow into the penis, leading to a healthy erection.

After that, when se*ual arousal subsides, the action of an enzyme called “PDE5 (5-phosphodiesterase)” that decomposes cGMP blocks blood vessels and calms erections.

 That healthy erection occurs by satisfying all three sufficient libidos, nerve transmission, and adequate blood inflow into the penis. It is thought that the cause of ED is that some of these things do not work well.

For example, if nerves are damaged, the signal that tries to maintain an erection will not be transmitted correctly, and it will not be possible to maintain sufficient erection. Also, if the blood vessels do not expand sufficiently due to illness or aging, blood may not flow adequately into the penis, resulting in Super Vidalista.

Such defects can also cause by lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and nerve and blood vessel damage due to surgery such as prostate cancer.

If you cannot get a proper erection, you should also check whether you are sick, suddenly gaining weight, have a chronic illness, or have had surgery in the past.

erectile dysfunction

Early symptoms of ED-Let’s check for signs!

Even if you don’t sometimes get an erection, you may be blaming your physical condition, such as “Tadarise 20 may have been in bad condition by chance.” However, it says that about 11 million people suffer from ED, and even people without subjective symptoms may have ED. To notice and start treatment early, let’s check the main initial symptoms based on the following items.

  • Not confident in maintaining an erected state
  • The number of morning wakeups has decreased
  • When established, it is not hard enough for insertion
  • Breaks during insertion during sexual intercourse
  • Unable to maintain an erection after injection during s*xual intercourse
  • Not satisfied with sexual intercourse

However, this check item is a standard for doubting the possibility of ED. If you are worried, let’s see a doctor in a hospital or clinic as soon as possible.

Do you have symptoms other than erectile dysfunction?

It says that if the ED state continues for an extended period, it may lead to loss of self-confidence as a man. If you do not go well once, you will also be worried about the following, and it may gradually increase the psychological load. Also, being an ED may interfere with your daily life, prevent you from getting into work, and cause a crack in your relationship with your partner.

Besides, ED may develop due to various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and myocardial infarction, so the symptoms of ED and the symptoms of the disease itself may appear daily.

If you have unusual symptoms, even if they are trivial, we recommend that you visit a clinic as soon as possible.


If you have any symptoms that you can think of, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Some people may hesitate to visit a hospital because of the embarrassment of the Super P Force oral jelly. However, if it is left as it is, the symptoms may progress further. 

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