How to Handle Your DME Billing Process Effectively

In the healthcare domain, the medical billing business is a complex process which not only requires skilled billers. But also complete knowledge on running your DME billing seamlessly. As disrupted DME billing process will only result in delayed reimbursement but also a lesser volume of cash than expected. This is why here a few common tips that can not only help you with your delayed DME billing payments but improves your DME Billing Process as well.

Avoid common billing mistakes

According to a report from the Institute of Medicine, the low estimate on medical billing errors is $17 billion which is due to incorrect data, missing demographic information, spelling mistakes etc, which can be avoidable if much care is taken. As these DME billing errors not only delay your reimbursement but also lead to hours and hours of rework wasting your time and money.

Ensure follow-up on your Claims

As some of your DME billing claims won’t be resolved if continuous follow-up isn’t initiated. In fact, with the help of continuous follow-up whether your DME claims weren’t transmitted properly or there is a problem with it, only a follow-up of the claims could help. Moreover failing to track and follow up claims lead to unpaid claims directly influences your funds and profits.

Ensure needed medical billing training

Being a complex process, billers and coder needs to comprehend all the components that involve the DME billing process. Being unaware could only have an adverse effect on the revenue but also in the process, which is why training should be initiative and practices. Identifying the DME billing problem, the billers and coders should, in fact, take steps to correct it in order to avoid unwarranted denials or errors that are costing you revenues.

Ensure timely submission

Most payers have a time limit, delays in the DME claims are costly for providers. In fact, it is also seen that many in-house billers due to the complicated DME billing process also ignore the submission of the claims itself. However, when eventually the claims get submitted it only results in denial. This is why timely submission of DME claims is a must for effective revenue generation and seamless billing process.

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Ensure team of expert billers and coders

It is seen that in many healthcare practices, the in-house billers and coders handling billing also get assigned many other administrative tasks too. This results in overload with works with divided attention in the DME billing process with errors and delayed billing process. 

As the DME billing process is not always simple and requires a large amount of knowledge about industry mandates, process knowledge which takes time to learn and time to implement; outsourcing your DME billing process is the best solution. 

Preventing revenue loss due to improper or untimely filing, outsourcing RCM organizations with its team of expert billers and certified coders eliminates your billing errors. Ensuring regular follow-up and filing claims in a timely manner, these RCM organizations improve your cash flow and bottom line; ensure you don’t miss out on revenues.


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