Top 10 Sexologists in Jaipur among 100 Doctors

A menace to the people and society is the male sexual illness and disorders. Thus It can completely ruin a man’s life up to a great extent and to create problems in his married life with his partner. Male and female sexual illnesses are not occasional problems that can be neglected, but they have become a very crucial problem to look after.

Looking for the best sexologists in Jaipur near you to cure your sexual problems in no time with the best treatments, then get your treatment done by Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH, Jaipur. Get the best treatments designed by Dr. Chirag Bhandari at the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health in Jaipur with the best success rates to budget-friendly prices.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari- the Top sexologist at IASH, Jaipur

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a well-known and most-exceptional doctor of male sexual health and wellness in Jaipur that treats all aspects of male sexual dysfunction with the latest technologies and modern machines for your treatments. With the experience of more than 8 years in the field of male reproductive health and wellness, Chirag Bhandari has given many people the light of hope to live their life again with the same confidence and self-esteem.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari has gained fame because of his hard work and dedication. He explored the world to learn several modern techniques and methods to serve the people in Jaipur with the treatments that are proven to be 100% effective and painless. Dr. Chirag Bhandari took various researches, fellowships, and training are:

  • From the world’s leading university- University College London Hospital, he learned about Male Sexual Health Problems.

  • He learned about the latest technologies for treating Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence by the best male sexual health experts in Taiwan.

  • He was also invited by the world’s leading Korean doctors to learn Penile Enlargement Surgeries and modern treatments for Premature Ejaculation.

  • He gained knowledge about microsurgical skills to treat vascular venous occlusion (the leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction in males) by “POTENCY RECONSTRUCTION” by Dr. Geon Long HSU in Taiwan.

  • He got certification in PENILE PROSTHESIS IMPLANTATION SURGERIES from Wilson Memorial Training Center by the world’s most excellent doctor Dr. Sean Sun Hug Park at Seoul, South Korea.

Reviews of Dr. Chirag Bhandari-the best sexologist on various platforms

Dr. Chirag Bhandari has got some great and lovable reviews by his past and present patients about how well they like the services and treatments at the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, Jaipur. Here are the top visiting websites on which people have given reviews to Dr. Chirag Bhandari.

1. Lybrate

On Lybrate, Dr. Chirag Bhandari offers various services like cost estimation for sexual dysfunction that includes Premature Ejaculation, Small Penis Size, Masturbation Addictions, and several others.

They also offer help like online audio and video consultations for people from different cities and states seeking guidance for their private issues.

2. Practo

Practo is one of the leading unbiased and independent websites that offer a list of leading doctors for various issues at one platform. And among that list, Dr. Chirag Bhandari is rated as the top sexologist for treating male sexual illnesses.

People have given him ratings and several reviews about his world and dedication.

  1. “It was a very gud experience. Doctor was very nice,he explained well all about my problem .I am satisfied with doctor”                                   

                                                      – Ajay ( Visited for male sexual problems).

  1. “Really ,amazing to see u Doctor sahab. You are first I have ever seen so friendly and expert in your profession.I will see u next time whenever I would have any problem. You have become my family doctor.Thanks again,”.

                                               – Vishram Kundara (visited for Male sexual problems)

another popular site for people who are looking for doctors and clinics is Justdial. And Dr.Chirag Bhandari got some fantastic reviews from his patients for his exceptional works. Let’s see what people say about him.

                                                                   – Hitesh

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Location and map of Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health

Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health is the top fertility clinic near you in Jaipur that offers the treatments under the guidance of Dr. Chirag Bhandari and his team of the city’s best male infertility experts. IASH, Jaipur is a centrally-located male infertility clinic that makes it easy to locate and access. The clinic can be easily reached from the top-most locations of the city Malviya Nagar, Raja Park, C-Scheme, and others.

Address: 391, Tonk Rd, Vasundhara Colony, Durgapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018

The distance of the Institute on Andrology and Sexual Health from some of the most crowded places in Jaipur are :

The distance of IASH, Jaipur from C-Scheme = 7 kilometers

Distance between IASH and Vaishali Nagar= 8.4 kilometers

Distance between IASH and Malviya Nagar = 4.7 kilometers

The distance of IASH, Jaipur from Pratap Nagar = 7.7 kilometers

The Distance of IASH, Jaipur from Jhotwara = 17 kilometers

Distance between IASH and Mansarovar = 5.7 kilometers 

Dr. Chirag Bhandar is qualified as :

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is trained in treating all aspects of sexual illness and disorders in males as well as females. He offers couples therapies and treatments for both the partners to help people rejuvenate their bond again. As compared to other fertility clinics, Dr. Bhandari is qualified in treating both male and female infertility issues by giving gratifying treatments and medications

  • He is a top qualified andrologist

  • He is the best sexologist for treating male sexual problems

  • He treats both male and female sexual disorders

  • Female Pelvic & Reconstructive Surgeon

  • Certified Venereologist

  • Sex Therapist

  • Impotence Doctor

Treatments offered by Dr. Chirag Bhandari at Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a well-trained and famous sexologist in treating all aspects of sexual illness and disorders and offers treatments that are unique and different for each patient. Treatments provided by Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH, Jaipur are:

  • Penile Enlargement Therapies

  • Psychological Sexual Disorders in male and female premature e

  • Solutions for Marital Problems

  • Premature Ejaculation Treatments

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatments

  • Nightfall Treatments

  • Male Infertility Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the role of a sexologist?

A sexologist is a doctor specialized in analyzing and treating infirmities and weaknesses of the male and female reproductive organs. They evaluated the dysfunctions of the reproductive part to find the exact cause of the issues and offered treatments accordingly. When for specific situations, medications and fertility drugs don’t work, then careful therapies are prescribed for them. A good sexologist can treat all types of sexual issues, human sexuality, and other elements essential for the proper functioning of sexual connections.

Q2. What are the treatments provided by a Sexologist?

A sexologist offers numerous types of treatments depending on the cause and extent of the sexual dysfunction in a person. The most common sexual problems that a sexologist in Jaipur deals with are premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, male infertility issues, low sperm quality, low performance, psychological, sexual factors, unusual sexual behaviours, and many more.

Q3. How much do Sexologist cost in Jaipur? 

Some of the best sexologists offer treatments and counseling in Jaipur for solving a couple’s sexual problems and relationship issues. In Jaipur, most sexologists charge a consultation fee of INR 500 to INR 1000 for diagnosing the cause of dysfunction. After that, the treatments start, which will cause your sexual problem.


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