Secrets only Professional Painters Know

Some people like painting their house themselves and many of them get good results from their efforts. However, they never get the professional quality of paintwork. There are some secrets that only professional painters know. Painters won’t tell you the secrets for their high-quality work as it is what makes them stand out among others.

That is why it is always better to hire professional painters to paint your house. The painters in Brisbane offer high-quality house painting services to homeowners in and around Brisbane. Let us explore the secrets of professional painters that you can use or advise others.

Use an extension pole

Many homeowners think that extension poles are only for reaching high areas in your home. However, an extension pole comes in handy when you need to paint a large wall or surface. It offers you the flexibility to dip your roller in the paint bucket without bending down again and again. Moreover, it helps you to paint the walls with long strokes that saves time and physical energy. In short, it reduces the physical stress that painters face who don’t use an extension pole.

Use the right paintbrush

Homeowners use any size of the brush that seems good to them as per their requirements. However, professionals know which brushes to use for different areas. For example, they use wide brushes or roller for painting large walls, but small and narrow brushes for painting trims. Also, they use paint spray guns for some areas in the house. Homeowners don’t know much about the use of various types of brushes, rollers and paint sprayers, that is why they don’t get professional quality in their project.

Moreover, the material of brushes also plays a vital role in getting the quality you want. Professionals use synthetic brushes to paint. They use poly brushes to paint the exteriors and soft nylon brushes for interiors. You can also use these brushes to paint your interior and exterior walls to get the best quality paintwork.

Don’t skip caulk

Professional painters never skip this step, and they caulk around the trims, crown molding, doors, and window frames. Caulking makes your trims and wall finishes look beautiful, and it closes the gaps between walls and trims. So, there is no chance of dirt or dust entering them. Moreover, caulking also keeps the unwanted outside air from sneaking into your rooms, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Don’t move but cover the furniture.

When you hire professional painters to paint your house, they don’t ask you to move your furniture out of the rooms. Many homeowners move the furniture to outdoor areas while painting their rooms. But the professionals cover the furniture with plastic sheets to protect them from paint spills. Covering the furniture also protects it from the dust that produced while sanding the walls.

Use Tinted Primer

Professional painters fill the holes can crack using a joint compound. You can also do so, but if you paint directly over the areas where a joint compound is used, it will absorb the moisture from the paint, making it look dull. These spots are visible after the paint dries on the wall. Therefore, professional painters primer the walls and other surfaces to overcome this issue. Priming the walls covers the spots, and they are not noticeable after painting.

However, painters use a tinted primer with a shade or tint similar to the shade of paint. It does a better job than a plaint primer and covers the existing paint colour and spots of the joint compound. The finished coat of paint will be more vibrant than without a primer.

Mix the paint in a bucket

The shades of the same colour paint may vary in different cans. If you open the cans one by one as required, you may get a different shade on different walls. If a can finishes while painting the middle of a wall, you may get a slight difference in the shade on the same wall. Professionals mix the cans in a bucket to achieve a consistent shade on all the walls. Though the heavy bucket is heavy to move, it eliminates the need to use paint trays.

Finish one wall before painting another

Although it seems easy to paint all the trims and corners in a room and then to roll the walls, it may lead to the nonuniform finish. Professionals finish one wall by a brush coat and the roller coat before moving to the other to get a seamless finish. Doing this allows the brush coat and roller coat to blend together in the best way.

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Remove painter’s tape with cutter

The latex paints have an elastic-like stretch before it hardens and sticks completely to the surface. Therefore, when removing the tape on a door trim or floor, it may pull the latex paint off and ruin the perfect finish. Pros use a retractable utility blade or cutter to cut the tape where it meets the wall to get a clean edge on pulling off the tape.

Final Words

These were some secrets that professional painters know and use in their work. Painters in Brisbane make use of these tips to offer high-quality finish to their customers. Now, as you know these tips, you can use them to paint your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal as well as value.

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