What Are The Best Beaches To Visit In Europe?

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Looking for a beach of dreams on your next vacation? Here’s your list of Europe’s best beaches. Come and relax in the fine sand of hidden beaches. Such as the Cala Pregonda beach in Menorca or the Hydra Island Vlychos beach. Relax on the beautiful beach of Positano in Spain, or enjoy the fresh air of pine trees at Croatia’s Nugal beach of Cala Sa Boadella beach in Spain.

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Europe's best beaches:The 20 best Mediterranean islands

Europe, a continent filled with ancient architectural marvels, heritage sites, and natural beauty. Continent which gave birth to the industrial revolution and rich history documented like no other. A secret that most outsiders do not usually consider while traveling to Europe is its endlessly stunning beautiful beaches. Every European tour from Dubai should have its share of coastal spots, stretching from the Mediterranean all the way north to Ireland and Scandinavia.


Varenna is a beautiful village in northern Italy on the east coast of Lake Como. Lined with beautiful 19th-century villas, crowned by snow-cap Mountains, a destination for people who were struck by cupid.  A pretty waterfront and tiny stone-filled beach blossoming with romance in the air as the sun hits the horizon. Vareena somehow has a more authentic air than a hotel filled destination. Relax by the beach and visit the garden of two villas with your partner.

Salema Beach

Salema beach on the south coast of Portugal, the privacy you desire by the sea, quiet and discreet beaches of Portugal. The village of Salema offers a plethora of activities for all ages and interests. At any time of the year surfing and bodyboarding, canoeing and kayaking, diving and snorkeling, kitesurfing and windsurfing will be available, make sure to include in your Europe tour packages from Dubai. Lukewarm waters around the year make this place a top destination for beach tours.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre which translates to “five lands’ ‘ is five villages placed in the most inaccessible coast on Italian Riviera. Centuries ago established as pirates hideouts, towns are still hideaways and inaccessible with a four-wheeler.  Parts of the villages are now a government-protected national park where no new building is allowed. 

Stone beach

Stone beach of Corniglia along the blue trail offers beautiful and calm waves hitting the hard stone mountains where the town lays on top. Vernazza town is lively and loud; it has a great night scene, large public space with umbrellas and tables. Europe is one of the beautiful cities in Germany.


Corsica, dense forest giving way to coastal towns with a new style, lies this mountainous Mediterranean island of France. Most famous tourist destinations on this list and all of Europe for its party vibe. Technically part of France but retains a distant Italian culture this town has everything from smart new villas to Old Italian style buildings.

The drive to Cap Corse, a 30km peninsula takes you through beach after beach more beautiful than the last at every bend. Europe trip of anyone under 35 and a party animal this is the place to be and let their inner spirits out as you party out in the sand beaches with bonfires or villas that stick into the forest. 

Saleccia beach

Saleccia beach with its mirror-clear turquoise and champagne-colored sand welcomes you the never before experience of rave on the beach.  But remember what happens in Corsica stays in Corsica. For the fewer cost packages you can opt Europe tour packages from Dubai.

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