5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding!

A Wedding isn’t just a formal procedure, where two people (bride and groom) are united in a lifetime bond; it’s a majestic affair that is followed up by umpteen rituals and proceedings. In India, it is one of the most precious days in everyone’s life. When all the couple desires to make it as happening as it can be. But, planning a successful wedding is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of research, patience, and knowledge.

How many of you believe that planning a wedding ceremony is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride? Especially when you have probably never done anything like this before. Stepping down into the anonymous terrain of wedding planning can be overwhelming for both the groom and bride-to-be, without having any prior experience to refer back to. As it is one of the most perplexing tasks to plan a successful wedding ceremony. There are innumerable mistakes that both the groom and the bride make.

To make wedding planning an easier task for a bride-to-be, we’ve whittled down a list of 5 common mistakes that she needs to avoid. Though these are very common mistakes. They can make or break the beauty of your wedding. Scroll down to know more about those mistakes.

Doing everything without defining a budget:

It’s a very common mistake that most of the people in India make while planning a wedding. They do everything without setting up the budget. While one of your earliest and most important tasks in organizing a wedding must be to sit down and work through a budget planner.  Once, you’re done with finalizing your budget for the wedding. Everything else will fall in place automatically. This perplexing task will become a piece of cake for you. Don’t forget to allocate your budget for every individual thing such as venue, catering, dress, jewellery, etc.

Buying jewellery before dress:

If you’re getting married, don’t prefer to buy jewellery before your wedding dress. The reason being, it will put you under the stress of matching the jewellery with your outfit and will make you compromise on choices which you would never want to do. To be on the safer side, first, buy the outfit and then go for buying type of jewellery from top jewellery manufacturers in India. This process will make it easier for you to select the right jewellery pieces according to your wedding outfit.

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Not Having a Weather Plan:

If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony, you have to be geared up for any kind of weather. The reason being, there are innumerable wedding ceremonies that have spoiled just because of bad weather. If you don’t want the same to happen with you, prepare a plan for the weather. If the venue you’re going to book offers both an outdoor and indoor space. Inquire whether the indoor space will be available on your wedding day if the weather turns bad. If yes, go for it.

Ignoring the tiny details:

Yes, this is a very common mistake every bride-to-be makes while planning her wedding. While dress, jewellery, wedding theme, decoration, food, and venue are some of the most important things, small things such as footwear, and other small accessories are also very significant. To make your wedding a grand affair, consider all the things that can make your wedding look like a royal wedding. The more focused you are, the better will be your wedding celebration.

Not Getting Comfortable with Photographer:

Whether you believe it or not but your photographer will be the one important person you and your other half will spend every moment of your wedding day with, so it’s of utmost importance that you feel comfortable with her/him before the wedding day. A Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment so forget about anything and stay comfortable with your photographer throughout the wedding celebration. The reason being, he/she will be the one who will capture a number of stunning pictures of you and your spouse that you will cherish for the lifetime.

So, this is all about the 5 very common mistakes that every bride-to-be needs to avoid while planning a grand wedding celebration. Avoiding these mistakes will make it easier for you to plan a successful wedding event and make it stand out from the crowd.

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