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Best Tips For Beauty In Winter

Winter is a season that always seems to have an adverse effect on people’s skin. During the winter, our skins tend to become dull, dry, and flaky. Yet most of them want to keep on looking great, even during the gloomiest of winter days. And that is what necessitates special measures for skin care in winter: in order to maintain superb looks in spite of the cold weather.

Against that background then, we often find people expressing interest in knowing what the best tips for beauty in winter are. That question – on what one needs to do to remain to look beautiful throughout the winter – is the focus of this article. We will start by having a brief look into the effects of the winter on the skin. Then we will proceed to look at the practical things one needs to do, to maintain beauty in winter.

Effects of the winter on the skin

During the winter, there are low ambient temperatures and cold winds blowing. The presence of these low ambient temperatures and cold winds tends to dry the skin too much. When skin dries, it looks dull. That is because such dry skin loses its natural brightness. Further, when the skin dries, it tends to flake. Sometimes, the flaking is so bad that it becomes visible: in the form of rough patches.

When the skin dries due to low ambient temperatures and cold winds in the winter, it loses its natural oil. This in turn leads to the loss of the skin’s natural tone.

So in a nutshell, winter makes the skin look dull, rough, dry, and flaky.


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Practical things to do to maintain beauty in winter

Having understood how winter affects the skin, we now turn our focus on the practical things you need to do with regard to skin care in winter. So far, we have said that the low ambient temperatures and cold winds that blow during the winter result in skin dryness. And that the skin dryness triggers other effects, such as those the skin becoming dull and rough in appearance. Therefore effort should be directed toward addressing the skin dryness, that winter causes. The objective is to prevent it – or at the very least minimize its impact. To that end, you may need to:

1.     Be moisturizing your skin daily

As we have seen, the low ambient temperatures and cold winds blowing during the winter tend to cause skin dryness, which in turn leads to poor skin appearance. So the starting point in resolving this problem is to be moisturizing your skin daily. Make moisturizing part of your routine. So just as you see the need to shower every day, similarly make moisturizing an inescapable part of your daily routine.

2.     Apply the right type of oil to your skin daily

The point of applying oil is to address the dryness that wintry conditions induce on the skin. It is worth noting that the cold winds that keep on blowing during the winter have a tendency to scrape off all the skin’s natural oils. So that is what you try to substitute as well as you can. A product that can help you in this regard is a Shea butter body lotion. Even if yours is not usually the dry skin type, and you normally don’t need Shea butter lotion during the other seasons, in the winter it can be helpful. (At Shlazio, we have a nicely formulated Shea Butter Lotion you can use to this end).

3.     Avoid using bathing/shower water that is too hot

The low ambient temperatures and cold winds that are present during the winter can tempt you to increase your shower/bath water temperature. But if you do so, you will end up worsening your skin condition. That is because the very hot water will strip your skin of any natural oil still remaining on it. Moreover, the very hot bath/shower water can temporarily hamper further production of natural oil. Therefore resist the urge to use bath or shower water that is too hot.

There are also those who recommend adding several drops of oil to your bath water before actually bathing. This can apparently be somewhat helpful during the winter.

Note that even for the moderately hot bath or shower water you use during the winter, exposure should be for as little time as possible. So during the winter, it may be best to be showering or bathing fast. The goal is to minimize the skin’s exposure to hot water, which may dry it further.

4.     After bathing, wait for some time before venturing out

If right after bathing (with warm water) you immediately venture into the freezing temperatures, that would amount to a very huge and abrupt change in temperature. And such huge and abrupt changes in temperature are known to have a very adverse effect on skin appearance, including causing skin capillary bursts… So it is best to wait for some time (like half an hour) after bathing or showering, before venturing out, during the winter. During that period, you can be performing indoor tasks you need to complete.

5.     Avoiding biting your lips and consider using lip balm

The problem with lip biting is that it causes minor injuries to the lips, and also causes the lips to look drier. Yet due to the cold weather, people seem to have this almost instinctual habit to keep on biting their lips. So that is what you need to avoid, in order to keep your lips looking good. Remember, the appearance of your lips affects your overall look.

On another note, applying lip balm will give the lips a healthy look, as opposed to the dry, sickly appearance that our lips tend to have during the winter.

6.     Apply a good sunscreen

It has been observed that when you apply good sunscreen during the winter, the sunscreen helps minimize the wintry conditions’ effects on the skin considerably. Thus although it may sound counterintuitive, it is actually a good and sensible idea to be applying sunscreen to your skin during the winter.

Ultimately, in the context of products to use for skin care in winter, you would need sunscreen, besides the moisturizer and Shea butter body lotion we alluded to earlier.

Consistently doing all these things can help you maintain a beautiful look throughout the winter.


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