My Spiritual Visitation with My Special Child

I was always been hesitant of landing on the grandest mystical place of beatific Haram. Most of the time I had to remain home stuck.  You may be thinking like what? Why or how? Let me clear I am a proud mother of a special 7 years old son who doesn’t let me go far from him.  You know I am calling myself proud because he was the reason behind our landing on the holiest place on earth.  This place is none other than the magnetic Holy Kaaba.

I still remember the moment when my husband asked Do you want to go?  Which offer suits us 5* or 4 one?.  I remained confused between yes and No.  But my husband got to go for booking 4 star Umrah PackagesIs it okay to leave Ahmad at home?  He can’t talk.  He can’t walk.  I asked by the husband.

It’s a divine call. Don’t question it, please. His to the point reply just made me silent. So I said okay.

My Blissful Divinely Dream

I kept thinking the whole night like How will we manage?  How will I take my kiddie amidst the huge threshing throngs?  Thinking this when I went to sleep? I don’t know.

I had a heart-piercing dream that very night. I saw that Ahmad is performing Tawaaf e Kaaba on foot while lifting me on his shoulders.

I just woke up abruptly with Fajar’s call to Prayer. I could felt the goosebumps along with my heart pounding.

I went to Ahmad’s room and kissed at his forehead. At that very time, my heart and soul got strengthened with Imaan and forgiveness before Allah ( SWT).

I said yes now I will go to Umrah and go with him no matter what happens next.

My Umrah with my only Special Son

I told my dream to my beloved husband who was readily agreed to take Ahmad with us. So we landed our feet on the most beautiful part on Earth. I have no words to unfold the unusual spiritual we had on this spell binding place of earth. My eyes burst into unending tears after the first mystical gaze of the holiest Black Square.

A Huge round of Applause for our Kindest tour Guide

How can I forget the untiring selfless service of our kindest tour guide? He was a stronger man who kept rolling my son on the wheel chair most of our Umrah time without even a single sign of exhaustion over his face. I and my husband were pleased to see how he befriended our son. He didn’t even hesitate to change the Ihram of our son.

Our Tawaaf with Our Son on Shoulders

My husband requested our tour guide to hand over our son for Tawaaf. So he lifted Ahmad on his shoulders and performed Tawaaf with utmost mental contention.  There was not a single sign of tiredness or exhaustion. I could feel the amazement on my son’s fair face.  I could see him smiling throughout the Tawaaf.

His beautiful face brimmed my heart, my unusual motherly love. I started kissing and caressing him right after Tawaaf.

I got my dream come true.  I literally felt myself the luckiest woman on this entire earth.

My Interaction with Compassionate Pilgrims

While I was sitting in Haram to offer my night optional prayer ( Nawafils) in Haram, I met some ladies there who belonged to some African origin.  I was happy that they could speak English well but not really fluent.

They asked me about my son’s situation. I was too hesitant to tell them at one time.  But however, I told them that he can’t speak and walk.

But instead of consoling me, one of the women asked me to own my son properly by saying that he would take me straight into Jannah.

Those kindly brown women took great care of my child and helped me in taking him to washroom.  One of those cuddled him with utmost love while I was offering my prayers.

Children a Divine Gift of Allah

I know that I couldn’t indulge myself in long Nawafils or prayers but I was beyond contented.  I realized that the children of any sort are the gift of Allah(SWT)  and his trust indeed. I have no right to question about whatever he gives to us.

Allah (SWT) made me realize that my son was the sole reason of my unprecedented Umrah journey.  Now I will openly say that It was only Ahmad who took us to the most inimitable place on earth.

Be thankful to Allah for each and everything 


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