Things to Consider When Choosing a Unique Baby Name

unique Baby Name

When parents in New Zealand talk about their experience naming their babies, many say that the task is equally challenging and exciting. As part of preparing for a newborn, naming a child is undeniably a huge responsibility. When choosing baby names in NZ, the country’s law allows parents to be creative, given that they respect some universal boundaries.  

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Unique Baby Names

If you are expecting and thinking about what to name your baby, this article will give you some pointers for choosing a unique baby name for your child. 

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Would the name fit my baby through adulthood?

Are you giving your baby a name that could grow with them? Some baby names may sound cute for a little bundle of joy but imagine them in their older years while living their adult life.  

Does the name allow for maturity? What would the name sound like when spoken out loud in front of other people? What would the name look like on an official document, like a job application form? Consider these scenarios carefully. 

Is my baby’s unique name based on a passing trend?

If you want your baby’s name to stand out, look for a unique baby name, as new parents naturally do. However, make sure that the name is not too unique, that it might sound strange and unappealing in 20 years.   

Beware of using unacceptably or extremely misspelled baby names or names with random punctuations. Consider this advice, especially if the name came from a passing trend that might not be relevant in the future. 

Should I add a second or a middle name?

Adding a second name can be a thoughtful way to honor a cherished family member. It also allows you to hide or attach an important family naming tradition.  

Most importantly, it can provide a middle ground for parents or family members who can’t decide between two names. Be mindful of the length and not overdo it by adding a third name!  

Does the name cross the basic boundaries set by NZ laws?

As mentioned earlier, the New Zealand government has set some rules for naming babies.  

For one, baby boys’ names and girls’ names must not be too lengthy. They should also not be offensive to culture, religion, or group. Lastly, they should not unreasonably resemble an official title. 

In 2021, the New Zealand government declined almost 80 names for violating some of these rules. Baron, Duke, Commodore, Prynce, Pryncess, Rogue, Saint, Sheriff, Sovereign Messiah, Isis, Royale, and Majesty are some examples of unacceptable baby names. 

Will my baby like the name I chose for them?

The most important part of your decision is to consider this question: how would your baby feel about their name when they grow older? Would they love it? 

Remember that your unique baby name will be one of the first and the most special gifts you give them. Make sure that the name is well-thought-out, memorable, and reflects how you celebrate their existence.


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