Fix QuickBooks Won’t Restore Backup

One of the most common errors that people face while using QuickBooks accounting software is that they are not able to restore the backup. This error may seem challenging to resolve, but one can fix this issue by calling QuickBooks customer service number or by going this blog. This blog helps you in resolving the QuickBooks won’t restore backup issue efficiently.
Causes Why QuickBooks Won’t Restore Backup.

If you think when this error can occur on your system, then you need to read the causes mentioned below:
 If the company file name of QuickBooks has any special character in it.
 If you have accidentally remodeled the QuickBooks company file over an existing file.
 When you are trying to revive the file from the USB flash drive to a network drive.
 If you have used the newer version of QuickBooks for creating the company files.
 Sometimes the broken QuickBooks company file can be responsible for it.
Steps to Solve the Issue of QuickBooks won’t restore Backup
For fixing this issue where QuickBooks won’t restore the backup, you need to follow the steps mentioned below in this blog:
1. You need to make sure that there is no special character in the file name of your QuickBooks Company File. These special characters can be \, /. < ,>,!,$ . If any special character is present on the file name, then you need to rename the file.
2. You also need to make sure that you avoid overwriting of the existing file while you are trying to restore the backup. It means no two-company file can have the same nameso rename it.
3. If you don’t want to get into the trouble of restoring the files, you can simply copy and paste the file from your computer to desktop either by using Flash drive or network drive.
4. You can try to copy the company file in another folder from being on the safe side. However, make sure that the folder is not broken or corrupted where you are copying the company file.
5. Make sure that the version of both the QuickBooks is same that is one which is used for restoring the file and one which is used opening the restored file.
6. If the company file is corrupted or broken, then you have to make sure that you repair it first.
If the problem persists, then you have to get in touch with the professionals via QuickBooks customer service number. This number stays accessible round the clock in 24 hours to help users in resolving the issue associated with the QuickBooks.

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