Starting an E-Commerce Business

The E-Commerce industry has witnessed a growth of 15.5% share in total retail sales compared to 7.5% in 2015. So, your decision to start an E-Commerce store has gravity but now let’s see as to how to start E-Commerce business/store considering a layman’s technological knowledge.


Figure: E-Commerce sales (%) YoY 2015-2020

This guide will show you a four-step strategy on how to start an ecommerce business/store

Step One: Gather your product information

Your product information will form the base as to the start of an ecommerce store with the best ecommerce platform. Gather and compile all the information such as product name, information, pricing and images.

Step Two: Structure your product

In an excel file, structure your products as to the ease of the end-user, for example, tables and chairs will go into furniture and carpets or doormats will go into home décor. 38% of people will leave a website if they find the layout unattractive so try to make the structure and layout as simple as it can be. A good example of this is where the products are arranged as per their types.

Step Three: Work out your delivery and return policy

Online sales help you to choose your own delivery and return policy which will be product-based. Try to make the policy as simple as you can so the end-user does not face any technical jargon problems when and if they go through the same.

Step Four: Choose a simple and efficient E-Commerce platform

· This step is the most important one but to make it easy for you we have skimmed through a lot of platforms and found the best and the easiest to use E-Commerce platform that also helps to integrate with the Social Media aspect as 30% of the online shoppers said that they would like to make a purchase if it is displayed on a social media website.

Building an E-Commerce store is a slow and painstaking process but with the technological catalyst mentioned above in the strategy, it will help you develop a plan and adhere to it.


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