Get Some Detailed Information about Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are designed in such a way that it can be used while practicing bag work. This punching bag routine will help you in partial training at home and prepare you for sparring. Modern bag glove is very important during the training period because they come with extra padding so that they can provide more comfort and protection to the trainees. This is the reason that these gloves are also called training gloves. They are used to protect the beginner’s hand when hitting a heavy bag.

How Is Bag Glove Different From A Boxing Glove?

When we hear about bag glove and boxing glove we often get confused, but there are some basic differences between boxing gloves and bag gloves. Here we will discuss about them in details and this will help us to choose the right gloves according to our requirement.

  • Padding – Bag gloves are exclusively designed for boxing pads and punching bags. As a result these gloves have lesser padding when compared to boxing gloves. Whereas boxing gloves need extra padding because they are used in the time of sparring and training. It is especially used for sparring because you will never want to hurt the opponent who is on your opposite side to the boxing fight. A bag glove is chosen for the purpose of training on the punching bag and a boxing glove is used while serious boxing training and sparring.
  • Size – Another factor of difference among boxing gloves and bag gloves is their size. A bag glove is generally smaller and lighter. But a boxing glove is of larger size and has more space and padding.
  • Weight – You will get varieties of boxing gloves in the market that come in different types of weights. They are normally weighed in ounces. The lowest weight among them is around 4 to 6 oz, this type of weight is ideal for kids. The weight of your glove is chosen according to your height or weight and it ranges from 8 to 18 oz.
  • Wrist wrap – Boxing gloves as well as bag gloves are designed with a complete wrist wrap. This helps you to avoid serious hand, wrist, and fingers and forearm injuries. This full wrap gloves are designed in such a way that they can provide complete protection to your hand.

From Where Can You Buy A Bag Glove

If you are willing to start or learn boxing you will have to know how to defend yourself. A pair of bag gloves will be required before you get going. So we have to choose reputed suppliers because they provide the best deals and best quality bag gloves. The deals provided by the reputed suppliers are as follows:

  • They have a large and inclusive range of quality and have numerous brands of bag glove.
  • They can provide for a variety of bag glove sizes from which you can choose the best fitting glove for you that gives you total comfort.
  • You will get gloves with different amounts of weights that vary with the padding of the glove, you have to choose a pair for you which is neither too heavy nor too light.
  • You will get bag gloves that are made up of vinyl and leather are of high quality. They are sturdy and last for a long period of time and breathable. They can be easily cleaned and will not stretch.
  • The bag glove offered by them are designed in a way that they lessen the damage that is done in the time of practicing as beginners lack the wrist strength that professionals have.
  •  You can even pay them through your debit card or credit card.

These are all the benefits that one can get while shopping bag glove from a reputed supplier, so it is always better that you find a reputed supplier and buy the best product and start your boxing journey.


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