How We Can Prevent STDs or STIs?

STD or STI is due to infection from one person to another through physical contact. The source of the infection is Bacteria, Parasites, and Viruses. If we do follow STD/STI’s guidelines of experts or WHO, we can prevent STDs or STI from spreading furthermore.

What is STDs or what is STI?

STI means Sexual Transmission Infection that transmits from one person to another. Untreated STI leads to STD or Sexual Transmitted Disease. Other than Sexual contact, STD spreads through sharing blood with infected person, other bodily fluid, from a pregnant lady to child, sometimes with clothes sharing like during herpes outbreak.

We can differentiate STD by their types of Virus, Bacteria or Parasites. STDs type is find out by physical examine of STD Symptoms or through STD Testing. Some STDs are worsen because of presenting no symptoms on early stage and not curable like HIV. But on other hand like Chlamydia, are easily treatable.

Some Common of STDs Symptoms are:

  • no symptoms,
  • pain during urinations or sex
  • yellowness on skin,
  • discharge from the vagina or penis
  • redness or swelling near or around private parts
  • sores or warts near month, vagina, penis and anus

Let to know: How we can prevent STD or STI?

Like WHO, other health organizations or experts publish some guidelines or preventions for STDs or STI. These preventions are very useful, even than help in living long and healthy life, in case of untreatable STDs like HIV, HSV2.

Get STD Test When:

When you are experience symptoms like STD Symptoms and have the active sexual relation with two or more partner.

If you are adult and even no sexual relation, or you have sexual relation only with life partner. It is a good idea to prevent STDs, get the STD test after some interval means yearly or half-yearly because STI has more source of spreading other than SEX.

Always Try to Sex Safely:

Use of condoms can protect from STI or stop to spreading STI, but it is not enough to. It would be good, if you avoid sex when you or your partner take any STDs Treatment and try it after Doctor’s permissions. Like during herpes outbreak, avoid sex as well as make a safe distance

Careful in Emergency:

Don’t forget or ignore, to get test the blood when sharing in emergency case. Make sure you or your caretakers know the blood test report when you are a donor or recipient. And always contact a authorized blood bank or person or agency. For a small mistake, paying more may be required.

May be expensive to reuse:

Some item like razor, syringes, needles are cheaper and easily available around you. So make sure that never reuse like these item even you are experience any STDs or not. Always use a new and well packaged. It had been seen in the worse role at time of HIV or AIDS spreading.

Be Honest with your Partner:

couple std testing

Like other bad or good experience, share with partner if you are experience any STD’s or STD Symptoms right now or experienced in past. When you have not any interesting in mind during bed time then talk on STDs, It will help to prevent STDs or STIs.  Follow it: Stay Safe, Keep Safe.

Nothing Without Treatment:

When you get a STD Test and confirmation is positive. Even some STDs are not curable but treated as that you live long and healthy life as a normal human living, it have been seen. Some STD Treatment complete in short or in single doze and some complete in long period. Like Chlamydia, Some STDs are easily treatable, so consult the doctor and follow the guidelines of STDs Treatments carefully.

Also you can help to prevent STDs as followings:

  1. Don’t share towel and underclothes
  2. Wash before or after intercourse
  3. Avoid alcohol during sex, alcohol leads to unprotected sex
  4. Get vaccination for Hepatitis C
  5. Get Tested for HIV,
  6. Get a full panel STD Test or std testing for couple

Last but not least:

When you need to get test or consult a doctor or expert. We recommend Rapid STD Testing for, where to get tested for STDs. Because Options for STD Testing, Options for Payments, STD Testing for Couples, and have local clinic center all around in USA.


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