Prevent Eye Injuries With Basketball Goggles

If you are a basketball player or love playing it, then you may know that there is a risk of eye injuries. Eye injuries are the serious ones and can keep you out of court for many days. To prevent that all, you can get the basketball goggles to protect the eyes.

The design of the basketball goggles is such that it helps in making things very safe for you all. The goggle is a hardwearing, reliable, and tough as well. When you are wearing sports glasses for basketball, then you can see that your game will not affect it ever.

These glasses play an essential role for you all and can help you from preventing eye injuries. If you are in intense gameplay, then no worries as these goggles will help you in protecting the eyes.

How To Choose The Best Prescription Goggles For Basketball?

If you are searching for the best prescription basketball goggles, then you may find it difficult in many ways. For that all, here are the factors that you need to pay attention to while going for it.

1. Look At The Standards

The very first thing that you need to do for it is to look at the standards. The eye is an essential thing in the body, and it must be protected properly. For all that, before buying the goggles, you need to see the safety features of it. The goggles must meet the standard instructions and can withstand the impact of about 150 Km/hr ball speed hitting it.

2. Look At The Straps And Nose Pad

The next thing that you need to take care of is its comfort. It is a vital thing, and it, too, helps in keeping your focus on the game as well. The very first thing that you need to check in the basketball goggles is about its adjustment in straps. The next thing that you need to look at is Silicone nose pads, which helps you in providing the maximum adjustability. To get the best glass to wear in the game, you must look at the soft contact points and its adjustment things. It is the best thing that can help you to focus on the game.

3. Look At The Lens Warps

When you are playing any game by wearing the goggles, then for you all, you must look at the lens wrap as well. There is not only danger from hitting from the front, but it can cause significant damage if it too hit from side as well. To prevent that all, you need to look at the wraps near the lens. With that, do check the clarity of the lens too after that so that you can locate the ball as well other players near you.

4. ASTM F803 Standard Materials

The glasses that can withstand all the impacts as well as can protect the eyes is the best glass for you all. But for that all, the materials used in prescription basketball goggles must meet the ASTM F803 standards as well. These things must include the flexible, light as well as easy something as well. For all that, you must go for the goggles that have got FX lenses as well as polycarbonate frames. Moreover, they too need the touchpoints and another flexible strap as well.

5. Check The Fitting

If you are thinking of buying the prescription basketball goggles, then you need to check the fitting of it as well. It is an important thing as nobody wants to wear a loose one and keep on adjusting throughout the game. You can’t concentrate on the game for it. So, before getting one, check the support of the nose, which must be of soft silicon. The strap, which is there, must be secure as well as comfortable as well to wear and adjust as per the need. Look at the size of the lens and the wraps around the lens. Do check the clarity of the lens and check how good that is.


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