What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels make your car look attractive. It adds a lot of style to your vehicle’s tyres. Everybody compliments you when you get brand-new alloy wheels added to your ride. With use and time, the alloy wheels get damaged. Driving over a pothole or kerb at high speeds can result in damage to alloy wheels. They require regular maintenance to provide driving comfort and safety.

Wheels UK is the brand name in the field of tyre suppliers. We deal in tyres and alloy wheels from all major brands like ATC, Toyota, Monaco, Novus, CMS, Nissan alloy wheels etc. We offer alloy wheel repair service as well.

What are Alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are made from the alloy of aluminium and magnesium and are quite popular these days. The other metals are softer and more ductile as compared to the alloys used in the wheels. Earlier alloy wheels UK were used only in high-end sports cars but nowadays they are being used in regular cars as well. The demand for alloy wheels has increased these days as compared to previous years. They provide strength to the wheel and ensures their long life. Despite several advantages, alloy wheel also has some disadvantages too.

Let’s discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of alloy wheels in detail.

Advantages of Alloy wheels
  1. Enhanced Performance- The alloy wheels are lighter in weight as compared to steel wheels. They help in quicker acceleration and quick stopping as well. They put less strain on suspension components which in turn results in better performance.
  1. Attractive Looks- Alloy wheels have better looks as compared to steel wheels that’s why they are used to enhance to the overall look of the vehicle. They have a great visual appeal to the eyes and makes your ride look more attractive.
  1. Good Heat Conduction-Alloy wheels are more efficient in dissipating the heat away from the brake components. Hence the risk of brake failure is reduced. Alloy wheels ensure to provide better braking performance than steel wheels.
  1. Fuel Efficiency- The lightweight of the alloy wheels support in making your vehicle fuel-efficient and thereby increasing the overall performance of the car.
  1. Corrosion Resistant- Alloy wheels are made up of metals like aluminium and magnesium or sometimes by the alloy of both. These metals are resistant to corrosion and protect the wheel from rust.
Disadvantages of Alloy wheels
  1. Less Durability- Steel wheels are relatively stronger than alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are prone to cracks and bends while steel wheels can easily bear the impact. The harsh roads can damage the alloy wheels UK quickly. If you drive in the areas which have bad road conditions you should avoid buying alloy wheels.
  1. Expensive- The process of manufacturing of alloy wheels is more difficult and complex than normal wheels. That is why alloy wheels are more expensive than regular wheels. Even you buy them once, their maintenance will cost you more.

Advantages of alloy wheels can never be neglected and hence they are so popular these days. If you are thinking to buy alloy wheels uk for your car then Wheels UK is the place to visit.


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