Generac Home Generators: Low-Cost Yet Reliable

We all need electricity every day as it is the next thing to air and water that we can die without. People can live without food for a day but it is completely unimaginable to live without electricity for 24 hours as our security and safety depend on it.  The laptops, tablets and cell phones stop working if we do not charge them. This way we get cut off from friends and family. At workplaces, the PABX system stops working like fax machines and computers. Thus the workday comes to a halt.

If there is a storm or a hurricane in the making the family remains fretful and the best thing to do is leave the house and join them at a safe location. To prevent a burglary behind your back, keep the security system armed. If you do not own a generator buy one soon. Install the security cameras and keep the refrigerator and the freezers running. When grid power fails all your assets will remain safe and the foods will not rot either.

Searching the internet for a suitable model is advisable as you can find many dealers online and make a list of the generator models you are interested in. Compare functionality with prices and buy a model that bests suits your lifestyle. Reading online reviews about the models that interest you will help with the short listing.

A generator is an essential device for areas that are prone to power failures. If you have a small house you can do well with a small portable model that produces 8.5kW of power which is ample enough to keep the fridge running along with lights and fans. If you own a large house, buy the whole house generator for it. The air-cooled models that run on gas are popular as they run quietly without disturbing neighbors. While the noisy diesel generators can keep you up all night. So check the sound rating before you make the purchase. A generator that works at 63dBA will be just fine.

The models that come with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) are a good choice. The cost of these models may be slightly higher but they are indeed a better option for the homeowners due to the convenience and comfort they offer. The ATS is designed to sense the power failure and then commands the generator to start. Within seconds of a power outage, the generator will continue to supply high-quality electricity to your household appliances. We live in the age of automation and a lot of devices and appliances we use daily come with microcircuits.  The new Generac home generators come with enhanced voltage and frequency regulators that protect all your sensitive devices and appliances.

A generator is a device that will require maintenance and service as well. So buy a brand that has a large dealer network and offers free lifetime technical support. Generac is one of the most popular brands in the country due to its reliability and low cost.  Log on to a dealer’s website and search for a model that matches your power usage.  For the whole house, a 16-22kW unit will be fine. If you do not know how to calculate your power usage you can use an online calculator. The dealer websites also have an online chat feature that you can use to get help in selecting the right model for the house or the office. If you want to save on fuel get a model that is almost double your power usage so it can run at only 50% load. This will also allow you a better run time.

Generac home generators also have a load management system. You can add more load to the generator anytime you want without a worry. The dual-fuel gas models are most popular these days as they require no refueling. You can connect the generator to the kitchen gas line to get an unlimited supply of natural gas. This is the most cost-effective option and is also more convenient as you will not need to step outside to get more fuel for the device.  With a gasoline generator, the emissions are high while natural gas/LPG model emissions are no issue at all. The remote monitoring system also makes life easier as it allows you to check the status of the generator from anywhere you like.

Many homes that are in the path of the storm get affected badly. Large areas also get flooded which poses a risk to the foundation of buildings. With a generator, you will be able to use the sump pump to get the water out of the basement so the foundation does not get weak. Mold and mildew also grow in dampness. Keeping your basement dry will help you prevent the buildup of fungus that affects human and pet health.

Take a look at the Generac QuietSource Series standby gas generators that have the slower (1800 rpm) engine which makes them run quieter. Or choose from the most popular Generac Guardian Series generators for the house.


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