Small scale manufacturing business idea with low investment.

Herbal hair oil is a small scale manufacturing business idea with low investment as a home based business.

Hair oil is one of the easiest small scale manufactiring business idea, I mention some name of them like almond hair oil, coconut oil, Bhringraj hair oil, Jasmine hair oil. this is a nice small scale manufacturing business idea with low investment.

small scale manufacturing business idea of herbal oil
small scale manufacturing business idea of herbal oil
  1. Small scale manufacturing business idea like herbal oil promises to cure your problems like hair loss and hair fall.
  2. but the second thing is a price because consumer tends to confuse about which hair oil business product offer them best results.
    large manufacturers also overlook several traditional formulas for hair oil.

Papad and sago fritter- small scale manufactiring business ideas with low investment.

  1. This papad and Sabudana business does not require a lot of manpower. it’s preparing process is very simple and also have a huge demand all over the year.
  2. You will need some basic ingredients like flour sago and spices and you also need plastic wrappers and sealing machines. this small scale manufacturing business needs low investment.
  3. you can start this business from home also, but if you want to manufacture then you will need some equipment like a gas stove, utensils, and plastic sheets.
  4. this home based business needs marketing strategies to follow. then they can capture local market.

Exotic soaps:

  1. Soap making is not an expensive business to get into, but you will have to invest some capital in it. Generally, soaps are made by lye and fats or oils.
  2. You will have to invest $100 for ingredients like coconut oil olive oils, and other fragrances and for 150 dollars for equipment.
  3. There are four types of products like hot process, cold process, melt and pour and rebatching. each of these process needs and other equipment but you need soap molds and packaging and shipment details.

small scale manufacturing business idea of handmade chocolates with low investment.

  1. Everyone loves chocolates. its making process is also simple, there is a ready market for you because everyone wants to try new flavors and variety.
  2. lots of people give gift chocolate boxes in the festive season and in special occasions.
    you can take special orders or as well as regular from pastry shops.

Cookies and biscuits:

low investment business idea of cookies and biscuits.
low investment business idea of cookies and biscuits.
  1. this is a very lucrative business for small scale manufacturing of cookies and biscuits whether it is handmade chocolate, cookies, and biscuit. People always want new test and flavors than the large suppliers.
  2. if you can give the best quality and taste in this business industry you can start with a small scale initially. smaller bakeries and manufacturers are no longer produce cookies, but with the right plan and investment, you can start this business as a solo as you know partners.

Incense stick:

  1. The incense stick market in India is approx 3500 crore rupees and still growing. Now with the help of online opportunities and information, you can get raw material online also.
  2. You can start this small scale manufactiring business idea from home also. you will need bamboo sticks and fragrance oils like Jasmine, sandalwood, mogra, rose and all like that.
  3. Incense sticks are generally used for meditation, spirituality, to reduce stress, and stimulate creativity, also increased to focus.
Candles and wax products
  1. There is a huge market of candles in India in all shapes and sizes. Candles are also used for religious ceremonies, there is also a wax product demand in India for decorative purpose and all.
  2. The initial cost to start up this business is very less and you can start this business from home also. because it does not require a lot of manpower. Wax is the basic material for the candle in the past few decades.

Raw material list
Steric acid,

Candy and hard-boiled sugar confectionery

  1. sugar confectionery has different types of like milk-based confectionery, flour confectionery chocolate confectionery, and hard-boiled confectionery.
  2. There are also lots of large market players in this HBC. you also have listened to the name of the DS group who launched pulse candy which hit the market 100 cr in 8 months.
  3. you also can start this kind of small scale manufactiring business idea. this HBC contains sugar, glucose syrup, and approved food colors.

Soda and flavor drinks:

  1. you can manufacture soda and flavor drinks from your factory with low investment. there are lots of large players in the market but you also can do a great move by launching your own and unique soft drink.
  2. people always want a new flavor that’s why this consumer industry has a lot of competitors.
  3. these fizzy drinks contain dissolved carbon dioxide. this type of beverageecr6 is made by mixing the flavored syrup with carbonated water.

small scale manufactiring business idea of fruit pulp manufacturing with low investment.

millions of rupees high-quality fruits are wasted all over the world. generally jams jellies are produced by fruit pulp. this business demand is growing because of its long shelf life compared to fresh fruits.

That’s why the fruit pulp business has a vast scope. you can focus on one of these fruits like mango, Apple, for pulp manufacturing.

mango is the most lovable item throughout India. you can start to mango pulp manufacturing business because it has already the popular market. that’s why India is one of the major exporters of mango pulp to the world.

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