Kohler Generator Parts and Accessories Enhance Performance

A generator converts mechanical energy into electricity. Propane, natural gas, gasoline, diesel are the most common types of fuel used to power a generator. Some generators also use wind and moving water to produce power. Now you can also find modern generators that work only on a battery and do not require the hassle of refueling. These models also have their limitations.

All generators make an electric current via electromagnetic induction. These are commonly used in a variety of industries as a backup source of power. Hospitals can never wait for the grid power to be restored after it fails. They have the type of urgency that requires a permanent standby generator.
For homes and businesses, the commercial generators are great. They are the size of a big barbecue grill and due to their compact size take up less storage space. At the factories, you can find the larger units that have industrial-grade engines. These hard-working generators can produce as much as 150kW of power to run your production. You can browse through the website of Kohler, a leading manufacturer of industrial generators to find a model that suits your needs. The industrial-grade models run on gas and can be bought in single-phase or three-phase configurations. All are housed in a corrosion-proof enclosure and have built-in mufflers. Most are EPA certified and if you are in an area that gets jolted by earthquakes, a seismic certified model will be just right for you.
To convert the fuel source in electric power the generator uses its engine, alternator, fuel system, and voltage regulator. The generator also has a cooling system to cool down the engine. It also has a lubrication system that keeps the moving parts functioning well. The main mover of the generator is the engine that consumes fuel and makes the electricity. Engines used in generators could be reciprocating engines or steam engines or turbine engines or microturbines.
Fuel is stored in the fuel tank and is pumped to the engine. The fuel tanks are designed to store specific gallons of fuel to make the generator run for specific hours. If you want a longer run time you can replace the smaller fuel tank for a larger one. The engine is connected to the fuel tank through a fuel pipe. There is a filter used to clean any debris from the fuel. This filter has to be replaced after it gets dirty. In the engine design, an injector is used that injects the fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine to make it into energy. This mechanical energy that is produced is then converted by the alternator into electricity. It produces an electric voltage and also manages it constantly to ensure it is suitable for use. Many models have advanced voltage and frequency systems so the generator can be used with sensitive electronics without harming any product. In these days of the internet of things, many household appliances come with microcircuits and you need to check to see if the unit you are buying is safe enough.

When the engine goes through a lot of combustion the generator heats up. To cool the engine a cooling system is used. Many generators come with fans and are called air-cooled while the one that uses a coolant is called liquid-cooled. When fuel is converted to energy the engine may give off harmful gases. These are driven out by an exhaust fan. The generator has moving parts that need to be kept lubricated to ensure the smooth performance of the unit. All models have a lubricating system to add more life to it.

After a few years of use, the generator may need replacement parts. The authorized distributors are the best source of genuine parts for your unit. If you own a Kohler model, you will have to get Kohler parts to ensure they fit well and do not affect its performance. Accessories from cords to mufflers are also available online at low rates. Keeping your generator in tip-top condition ensures it will run efficiently when you need it the most. If your unit is not well maintained, you may have a problem with it the next time you need to use it. During a power failure, the generator powers up home appliances to run your day as usual.

When it comes to accessories there are a few items that all generator owners need to buy:
• A power cord for the generator in the right amperage.
• An automatic transfer switch that automates the start and stop function of the unit.
• A muffler to reduce the sound a generator makes while it runs.
• A protective cover to keep it safe from elements such as dust and debris.
• A maintenance kit so you can keep the unit well maintained.
If you live in an area with sub-zero temperatures, you may need a cold-weather kit. For camping out at high altitudes you may also need a high-altitude kit. Kohler generator parts and accessories can be easily bought online from an authorized dealer.


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